Kylie has severe appendix cancer. The 'Make-A-Wish' foundation gives her a wish and, her being the 5sos fangirl that she is, chooses to meet them for a few days. What happens when she falls in love with a certain rainbow-haired boy? Are the feelings mutual?


21. A Visitor: Part II

Chloe laughed as soon as I nodded my head. 

"I knew you would see it my way," she said and headed for the door, "Oh, and don't think I'll be gone for long. I'll probably be back in a few hours to check on you," she let out another horrible cackle, and i felt tears start to flow out as soon as she shut the door.

It hadn't even been 10 minutes, when I heard my phone ring with an incoming call. It was Michael. My heart sunk knowing I would have to avoid him. I tapped the "Accept" button. 

PHONE CALL (K= Kylie, M= Michael)

K- Um, hello, Mikey..

M- Hey beautiful! Is everything okay? You seem down about something.

K- No, um, everything is good. All good.

M- Whatever you say. 

K- So why did you call?

M- I was wondering if you wanted to go out for a little bit? Just walk around the city, maybe grab some lunch...

K- Um, I, um.. I have an important appointment, that I have in a bit...

M- I'll pick you up later then. What time does it end?

K- Um, you can't! After the appointment, I have to lay in bed all day no visitors. Sorry.

M- Oh, okay... well maybe another day? 

K- Oh, um sure!

M- Bye Kylie, I love you.

K- Bye!


I hated having to not go out with him. My time is limited and so is his. No sooner had I put my phone down, had I gotten a text from an unknown number:


It's Chloe... You did good. You just need to keep up the good work and no one will get hurt!


I screamed into my pillow. I sat like that for hours, until I heard a knock on my metal hospital door. In walked, Chloe.

"Hello again!" she exclaimed a little too cheery.

"What do you want?" I spat.

"There's no need to have that kind of attitude," she said innocently, "I just have a surprise for you, someone to meet! Come on in!" she called towards the door.

My heart sunk as I saw who it was.

Carly, looking just as hateful as Chloe, walked in with an evil sneer.


A/N: And now I'm even more sorry! The last few chapters of this book are FILLED with drama. And I know I said that I wanted a schedule, but now I am just going to update when I can! 


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