Don't leave me too +Mashton+

"I'm driving you home."

"Michael, why can't I drive alone?"

"Because you can't leave me too."



1. Bad dream, support group, & the boy with the curly hair

-Michael's dream-


"Luke stop it." I laughed at my boyfriend, Luke, dancing to the radio in the car. 

"But I love this song!" Luke shouted, while glancing over at me then back at the road.

"Luke, you just went through a stop sign. Please stop dancing and pay attention to driving and the road." 

"You're such a loser Mikey!" 

"I'm not a loser I just want you to drive safer." 

"Nothing is gonna happen Mike."

"I'm sorry, I love you."

"I love you t-" 

I woke up, confused at where I was. I looked around, I seem to be in the hospital. Where's Luke? I sat up, and looked around more. Luke was nowhere to be seen, I looked over at some chairs in my room. My mum was sitting there, crying. "Mum? Why am I here?" She got up and walked over to me slowly.

"You were in a car accident Mikey, you're not hurt that bad. Just some cuts and scrapes."

"Where's Luke?" And after what my mum said next, killed me. She took my hand, and looked at me.

"I'm sorry Mikey but, Luke got badly hurt in the car accident. He was killed instantly. I'm so sorry." I couldn't move, my mum walked out of the room so I could be alone. I cried, for hours and hours until I fell asleep. I couldn't believe that my boyfriend died that night. 

"Luke! Come back!" I yelled, louder and louder each time. 

"Honey, wake up." 


"Michael, wake up." 

-Michael's POV-

I woke up, sweaty and out of breath. Something was holding my arm, my mum. She seemed to be aggravated and annoyed by something.

"Thank god you're awake Michael, get ready. You have to go to that support group I signed you up for." 

"Mum, I'm okay. I don't need to go to one of those stupid support groups with people who talk about what's shitty going on in their life. I have nothing shitty going on in my life right now." I sat up, and watched her open the little cabinet in my nightstand. She took out a empty pack of cigarettes and looked me dead in the eye. 

"Nothing bad is going on in your life? Then why do you still smoke?"

"It's not that easy to quit Mum."

"I took every single pack and lighter from you. Were you lying when I asked if you had anymore?" 

"No, I bought a new lighter and another pack. I'm sorry." I looked at her disappointed face, as she looked at the cigarettes. It was quiet until she finally said something. 

"Just, get ready. Want me to take you on my way to work? Or can you drive yourself there." 

"I can drive there myself." I looked down, and played with my bracelets.

"Okay, I love you Mike." She kissed my head and left for work. I got up and watched her pull out from the driveway and go down the road until she disappeared. I walked over to the bathroom and took a shower, when I got out I looked at myself in the mirror. I look like shit, I look so miserable, I look so. Lonely. I got the urge to smoke, I could see my cigarettes from the mirror. I walked over to them and lit one, it felt so good, so stress relieving, I felt, calm. 

I finally got dressed ( he's wearing a red sweater, black jeans, and his black converse. In this his hair is the red with dark red ) I grabbed my phone and went downstairs, I opened the refrigerator and warmed up some pizza. When I finished that I got my car keys and unlocked my car then got in. I drove to 7-11 which was across the street, I walked in and stood in line. 

"A pack of cigarettes please." I paid the man and left, I sat in my car and drove to the building where the support group was at. I walked in and sat down, I looked at everyone. Then, a guy walked in and started talking.

"Okay, so this seems to be everyone. So what we're gonna do is, say our name and why we're here. Well I'm kevin, and the reason why i'm here is because when I was 13 I was raped and I would always have nightmares about it, so I went to a support group and the nightmares stopped. Uh let's see, you.." he pointed to me "..tell us your name and why you are here." 

I stood up and started talking. 

"Well, i'm Michael and my boyfriend died in a car accident 2 months ago and i've been having nightmares and flashbacks of when it happened and my mum thought this would help so. I'm here." I sat down again.

"I'm sorry Michael, well, thanks for telling us. So lets see, you.." He pointed to a boy with curly hair "..Tell us your story and name." 

The boy stood up and talked in a quiet tone. 

"Well I'm Ashton, you can call me Ash for short. I'm here because my dad left me and my Mum and i've been having a hard time dealing with it and my mum thought if I came here I would be happy again." He sat down, I felt bad for the boy. 

"Thank you Ash for sharing, you go now"..He pointed to a girl with blond hair, blue eyes, and a lip piercing. Luke..

-Michael's flashback-

"Stop it Luke that hurts." I giggled as Luke played with my hair.

"I'm sorry baby." 

"It's fine." I kissed his forehead as he smiled and rested his head on my chest. 

"I love you Mikey."

"I love you more Luke."

"I love you most Mike."

-Back to reality-

I felt the tears building in my eyes, my heart started beating faster and I started breathing fast. I tried staying calm but I started hearing voices.

"Luke is gone."

"Luke never loved you."

"Luke meant to kill you not himself."

"Luke was gonna break up with you anyway." 

I got up and ran out, I cried hardly and went outside into the rain. I sat against the building, crying harder. I kept repeating to myself.

"Luke come back!" 

"I miss you!" 

"Michael you so fucking stupid and messed up! He's gone!" I cried harder.

"No you not." I heard someone say. I turned around, and saw the boy with the curly hair, Ashton.

"You're not stupid." He sat next to me, and looked at me. I looked back, his eyes were gorgeous and his dimples were cute. Luke's were cuter. 

"Yes I am, I talk to myself and think if I scream loud enough he'll come back. But he's never coming back!" I cried even more, Ashton started rubbed my back.

"It's okay mate, you'll find someone else. It may be hard but you will find someone again." I looked at him, he looked back. 

"Thanks Ashton, it's just I miss him so much." I sniffled and stopped crying.

"No problem Michael, could I see your phone for a minute? If you don't mind." I handed him my phone and watched as he gave me his number.

"If you ever need someone to talk to just text me and we'll chat." 

"Thanks." He stood up and helped me up also. Everyone started coming out of the building.

"It seems that the group session is over, talk to you later?" 


"Bye Michael."

"Bye Ashton." I got in my car and drove home, I walked in and went upstairs. I opened my parents room to find my mum sleeping, and my dad wasn't there. He's probably working the night shift at work. I walked over to my mum who seemed to be reading but fell asleep during it. I picked the book up and put it on the nightstand, I pulled the blanket over her and turned off the lights, I kissed her forehead and shut the door. 

I went in my room and took my shoes off, I layed down on my bed and closed my eyes. I was ready to fall asleep but I was interrupted by my phone buzzing. I looked at the screen and saw that Ashton had texted me.

From:The boy with curly hair 

Hey Mike, are you asleep?

To:The boy with curly hair 

I was about to fall asleep but, I'm awake now.

From:The boy with curly hair 

Oh, you can sleep. Just text me in the morning okay?

To:The boy with curly hair 

Okay, night Ash.

From:The boy with curly hair 

Night Mikey, sleep good :)

I turned my phone off and plugged it into the charger, I soon fell asleep. 

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