The Corridor Dare.

I looked deep into the beam of that long, dark corridor, my heart pounding as I shone the flashlight down its length. The beam was strong, but not strong enough to light up the far, distant end. I swung the torch back and forth. The light picked out odd shapes here and there as it struck the walls a little nearer to me- a door half off its hinges, a wrecked light dangling from the dirty ceiling. Further down, I could make out the remains of an old chair. Pieces of broken glass sparkled for a moment in the light.


1. Samha.

"Goodbye, have fun sweetie!" My Dad said as I hopped out of the car, "Now, don't stay up too late! Don't talk to boys- only girls."

  "Whatever..." I muttered as I walked away from the car, my dress flying up. I shoved it down again. "Stupid wind..."

  I was supposed to be Samha, the girl from the new movie: Blue eyes, Red lips. She had to go on an adventure to kill a bad guy... Blah, blah, blah. I hate dressing up for Halloween. My friends loved the movie, so I played along. Now I'm Samha.

  The car drove away, leaving me in front of Jack's house. I still can't believe he invited me. My brown curly wig hit me in the face, and I was freezing. Samha always wore dresses that go halfway down your thigh. That's it. SO SHORT IT IS TERRIFYING. To make matters worse, there are no sleeves. Just two straps (one for each shoulder) tight enough the choke you to death.

  I walked up the path and up the steps and crossed Jack's porch. Through the sitting room window, I could see my friends laughing in front of a board game. I rang the doorbell.

  Kiara answered the door.

  "Hvi vou!" She laughed, her Italian accent flying at me. She was dressed as Samha's sister, Nika. Nika died to save Samha from the bad guy (I can't remember the Villian's name).

  "Oh, your alive!" I laughed, a smile crossing my face.

  "Haha I am ze ghost ov Nikra!"

  "That makes more sense."

  "Who is it?" Jack's voice came from the sitting room, sending butterflies to go through my stomach.

  "Me!" I practically screamed.

  "Hi Me!" Jack said sarcastically. "Come in!"

  "Vhat a joker." Kiara laughed, stepping aside so I could come in.


  We sat in the sitting room, watching Annabelle. It freaked me out, but I didn't want my friends to know, so I watched it.

  "We're going Trick-or-Treating at midnight," Jack told the party. "That is the best time to go and see the abandoned home."

  "What is the Abandoned Home?" Jenny asked.

  "The thing Peter was telling us about. At midnight on Halloween, the old man that died there comes alive again, and haunts the house until five A.M."

  Kiara made sarcastic "Wooo!!!" Noises like a ghost would do.

  I had heard about the Abandoned Home before. Now that we were watching a horror movie, it seemed to be really scary. Nobody else really seemed to think it could be haunted. I looked at the movie only to find blood being slashed across the screen. I screamed.

  Jack began to laugh, and soon everybody in the sitting room joined in.

  I laughed too, trying to fool them. To make them think I was just like them, not afraid of the Abandoned Home.

  "Jack," I laughed, "Trick-or-Treating is a kid thing. We're going to look like fools."

  Jack gasped sarcastically. "No!"

  Everyone laughed again.

  Peter crossed the room and sat on the arm of the armchair I was sitting on.

  "Scared?" He nudged my arm.

  The room was filled with OOOHHH!!!'s.


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