The Corridor Dare.

I looked deep into the beam of that long, dark corridor, my heart pounding as I shone the flashlight down its length. The beam was strong, but not strong enough to light up the far, distant end. I swung the torch back and forth. The light picked out odd shapes here and there as it struck the walls a little nearer to me- a door half off its hinges, a wrecked light dangling from the dirty ceiling. Further down, I could make out the remains of an old chair. Pieces of broken glass sparkled for a moment in the light.


2. Murder in the Dark- Almost.

The movie was finally finished. It was eleven o' clock. Nearly time to leave for Trick-or-Treating.

 Jack went to the bathroom and sneaked back in afterwards, he hit the light and it was pitch- black.

  All the girls screamed except me. I dived behind the sofa.

  "Time for murder in the dark," Jack announced.

  "But we all know your the murderer, Jack," Peter remarked.

  "Yes, but you don't know where I.... AM!"

  Kiara screeched. Jack had tapped her.

  "Gyrl down!" She yelled "Gyrl down!"

  I was shaking behind the sofa. There was only a small gap between it and the wall, and I was mushed in it. I could hardly breathe. I knew it was only a game, but with teenagers, the "game" gets rough. In our school, the game "Tag" was banned because it was too rough! I think you can imagine what "MURDER in the dark" could lead to.

  Peter was tapped.

 Then Sophie.







  This went on and on until it was only me left.

  "I know your there, Cassie." I almost had a stroke when Jack's handsome voice said my name. He looked everywhere, and then I felt and heard him lean on the sofa I was behind. His hand stretched down, down, down...

  I moved. I lay flat on the ground.

  "Aha!" Jack yelled, jumping on me.

  I couldn't breathe at all now, he was on top of me.

  "ALRIGHT ALRIGHT!" I screamed between gasps of air, "I AM DEAD! GET OFF ME NOW!"

  Jack tried to move.

  "I am stuck."

  "Me too you-" Then I cursed.

  Jack dug his knee into my shin.

  "Oh, you can move!"

  I gasped for air.

  "Someone!" Jack ordered, "Turn the lights on!"

  His head fell on mine, and he kissed me.

  I couldn't believe it.

  "Sorry!" He said between gasps for air, "My head fell." His head was still on mine, neither of us could move.

  The light flickered on after a good while. Everybody rushed over and moved the sofa. Jack got off me.

  "I could not vind the light vor a long time," Kiara admitted. "Too dark."

  I lay on the ground, breathing deep breaths.

  "Let's both agree to never play that again," Jack said to me.

  I nodded.

  "It's midnight," Eve said.

  No way.

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