Traveling Abroad: Summer Love

Amber could've picked any place in the world to spend her summer vacation. Paris, Rio, London. But no, she picked Seoul, South Korea. Traveling there with her best friend, Emily, and staying with Amber's cousin, Nari. It's meant to be a time to relax and do whatever they want. What happens when they run into some guys who want to be friends and steal their time?


22. Water Park Adventures

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“This is crazy,” I smile and adjust my sunglasses as a group of small kids run past.

“Do you see the boys?” Emily grabs my upper arm and begins surveying the small water park.

“Not yet. I was told they were by the main pool, so let’s just head there.”

“Sounds like a good idea.”

We begin the journey to the middle of the park where the biggest and main pool is. We pass kids having a blast, couples holding hands and chattering away, adults reading or talking with one another, and old people keeping watchful eyes on kids.

“There they are,” Emily points to a group of four boys chilling at a table with an umbrella.

“Ah, they brought a new member for us to meet,” I start weaving in and out of pool chairs to get to the boys. “I hope they haven’t been waiting for a while.”

“Amber,” Taehyung’s face lights up when Emily and I place our small pool bags on the table. “Emily.”

“Hello Taehyung,” I giggle. “And Namjoon, Yoongi.”

“And hello to, um, the new guy,” Emily says.

“Hi,” the newest member being introduced to us shyly smiles.

“That’s Kim Seokjin,” Namjoon explains. “He’s the eldest of the group at twenty-one. His stage name is Jin.”

“Oh, well, hello Seokjin,” I smile and wave at the man.

Seokjin has shaggy, sandy brown hair with his bangs pushed to one side to stay out of his eyes. His eyes seem to be a dark brown from the distance. His face is oval like, his lips full, and a thin, plump nose. He looks to be close to six foot tall.

“This is Amber and Emily,” Namjoon begins speaking in Korean.

“His English isn’t the best,” Yoongi speaks up. “But he’s better than our youngest.”

After proper introductions are made, the boys slip off their t-shirts so their all standing in their swim trunks.

“Where are your swimsuits?” Taehyung looks Emily and I up and down.

“Underneath theses,” I smile and slip my cover-up off.

“They’re called cover-ups,” Emily giggles and slides her cover-up off.

“Oh,” Taehyungs face reddens slightly.

“We should have gone swimming sooner,” Namjoon runs a hand through his hair. His cheeks barely tinged pink.

Emily and I are wearing matching bikinis. The only differences are mine is yellow and hers is purple. I also have a skirt and she has regular bikini bottoms.

“It took all the convincing form Emily to buy this,” my arms cover my stomach. “I don’t like how I look.”

“You’re beautiful,” Taehyung blurts out. “Even if your mind says no.”
“You are,” Yoongi adds in.

“Yes,” Seokjin nods with a smile on his face.

“Your self-confidence is low,” Namjoon looks at me with sad eyes. “That’s hard to overcome. You keep fighting. Push away dark thoughts.”

“You look great in everything Amber,” Emily places a hand on my shoulder. “I promise.”

I wipe the few tears off my cheeks that broke through. “This trip is turning out to be so good. Thank you, all of you.”

Taehyung walks over to me and encases me in a hug. “Smile.”

I laugh and wrap my arms around the boy. “You are such a dork. I’ll smile.”

Taehyung pulls away from me and grabs my hand. “Time to have fun. Be back.” He starts pulling me away from the group.

“Oh,” I speed walk to catch up. “Bye guys,” I say over my shoulder.

“I want to be with you more.”

I glance up at Taehyung. “To do what? I’m not ready to lock lips,” I chuckle.

“No kiss. I like your person.”

“My personality, you mean.”

“Um, sure.”

“That’s sweet, Taehyung. You are very fun to be around too.”


Hope you liked it! :) Now I want to go to a water park, haha.
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