Traveling Abroad: Summer Love

Amber could've picked any place in the world to spend her summer vacation. Paris, Rio, London. But no, she picked Seoul, South Korea. Traveling there with her best friend, Emily, and staying with Amber's cousin, Nari. It's meant to be a time to relax and do whatever they want. What happens when they run into some guys who want to be friends and steal their time?


8. Schoolwork

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“I’m glad Nari forced us to do this,” I look out at the city as a steady rain comes down. “She’s right, I feel batter getting it out of the way.”

 “To add to it, we also got a good night sleep,” Emily continues her to work on her To Kill a Mockingbird paper.

I take a deep breath of the outside air. “It was nice to help with breakfast as well. Even though it was all simple things.”

“Your cousin was too kind to bring us lunch as we worked.”

“She really wants us to get our schoolwork done today,” I pick up the other book I have picked to read, The Martian Chronicles. “It took five and a half hours to read and fill out that paper. Five and a half hours to do half of all the work. The time just flew by. It’s now four o’clock.”

“Our second books are shorter, aren’t they?” Emily places her To Kill a Mockingbird book on her papers. Her second book, Fahrenheit 451, is now in her hands.

“More like the same length.”

“So another five or whatever hours gets us to ten o’clock.”

“You think we can do it?” I look at my best friend.

“I believe we can. As long as Nari brings us dinner.”

I chuckle, “I need a few more minutes of a break before I dive into this next book. Two books straight through in one day is crazy.”

“That’s enough time to change the music.”

“It is,” I pick my phone off the table and pause the current song. “The K-pop music with the rain was very soothing.”

“It was. But I’ve got my fill of EXO and Seventeen for a while. Put on Girls’ Generation.”

I smile and click Girls’ Generation’s icon. “I guess we’ll have to find more groups we like after this.”

“Another girl group would be good.”

I place my phone back on the table and get comfortable in the balcony chair. “We can do that. I think once we learn more Korean, listening to music will help.”

Emily opens her book to the first page and looks down at it, “Probably. But to learn more Korean we need to finish this schoolwork.”

I sigh and open my book, “I know. I’ll shut up. The second the sun starts setting we are going inside, though.”


I know it's short, and I'm sorry! Hope you still liked it. :D

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