Traveling Abroad: Summer Love

Amber could've picked any place in the world to spend her summer vacation. Paris, Rio, London. But no, she picked Seoul, South Korea. Traveling there with her best friend, Emily, and staying with Amber's cousin, Nari. It's meant to be a time to relax and do whatever they want. What happens when they run into some guys who want to be friends and steal their time?


45. Going Home

*---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ----*

“I could have picked anyplace in the world,” I smirk and look out the plane window as we start to move for take-off. “Paris, Rio, London, were those my choices?”

“If I remember, yes,” Emily places a hand on my shoulder.

“But no, I picked Seoul, South Korea.”

Emily laughs, “You can stop teasing.”

“But it’s so much fun,” I turn to look at her. “The city you were so reluctant to go to gave us the best summer ever.”

“I know,” she sighs. “I was wrong. You obviously know big cities better than me.”

“I just know when to follow a feeling. Traveling abroad was the best idea I’ve had to date.”

“It truly is. Summer love is amazing.”

“Can’t wait to get back and have even more adventures.”


Hope you liked it! A proper note is coming up next in the next few minutes! :D
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