Traveling Abroad: Summer Love

Amber could've picked any place in the world to spend her summer vacation. Paris, Rio, London. But no, she picked Seoul, South Korea. Traveling there with her best friend, Emily, and staying with Amber's cousin, Nari. It's meant to be a time to relax and do whatever they want. What happens when they run into some guys who want to be friends and steal their time?


28. Fourth of July

*---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ----*

“Happy Independence Day, girls,” Nari sets a cake on the kitchen table.

“This is awesome,” I smile as I sniff the aroma of bacon. “A cake, soda, chips, BLTs, and potato salad.”

“Like I’m back in America,” Emily opens up the Root Beer.

“I remember dad making BLTs every now and again,” Nari gets a couple plates out. “I loved how I grew up eating a mix of Korean and American food.”

“I’m glad to finally be trying Korean dishes,” I smile and hold my cup out for Emily to fill with Root Beet.

“It is better than I imagined,” Emily fills my cup before placing the large jug back on the table.

“So, are your friends coming?” Nari asks.

“Not sure,” I shrug.

The three of us move around the kitchen, filling our plates with whatever food we desire. Then we grab our drinks and lead to the living room.

“Do I get the pleasure of watching you play some video game after we’ve done eating?” Nari shoves a few chips in her mouth.

“That is the plan,” I bring my BLT up to my mouth. “BattleBlock Theater is so close to being beaten.” I take a bite of my sandwich.

“I finally got kind of good at it,” Emily sips her soda.

About halfway through our meal, the doorbell rings out.

“I’m not getting it,” Nari turns the TV volume down a few notches.

“We got it,” Emily and I place our plates on the coffee table.

“That was weird.”

Emily and I chuckle as we stand up and head to the front door. Nari’s comment rings true.

“I’ll open it,” I speak up and grab onto the door handle. “Now to see who it is.” I fling the door open and instantly smile a bit bigger.”

“Taehyung, Namjoon, Yoongi, it is so nice to see you,” Emily grins and looks over the three boys.

“You invited us, and we had the latter half of the day off,” Namjoon smiles. “So, the three of us decided to come over.”

“The other boys were super tired,” Yoongi says. “And we’ve known you the longest.”

“And I missed you,” Taehyung steps in and wraps his arms around me in a hug.

“Now I have to hug someone,” Emily laughs.

Taehyung pulls me away from him and I see Namjoon encasing Emily in a hug.

“Yoongi, do you want a hug,” I smirk.

“If Tae will let you,” Yoongi smiles.

“Make it quick,” Taehyung chuckles and I feel my stomach flip.

I wiggle out of Taehyung’s grasp and walk over to Yoongi, wrapping my arms around him.

“You are a sweet girl, Amber,” Yoongi wraps his arms around me and gives me a little squeeze.

Once all the hugs are done, I speak up to the whole group.

“I hope you guys like American food, because that’s all we have for today,” I run a hand through my hair.

“Sounds good to me,” Yoongi shrugs.

“I am very hungry,” Taehyung pouts.

“Well, we can fix that,” Emily says.

“Hey Nari!” I shout. “I’ve got some boys to introduce to you, and you are going to love it!”


Hope you liked it! :)
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