Traveling Abroad: Summer Love

Amber could've picked any place in the world to spend her summer vacation. Paris, Rio, London. But no, she picked Seoul, South Korea. Traveling there with her best friend, Emily, and staying with Amber's cousin, Nari. It's meant to be a time to relax and do whatever they want. What happens when they run into some guys who want to be friends and steal their time?


36. Finishing Games

*---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ----*

“Just one more level,” I set my controller on the coffee table.

“I can’t believe it,” Emily kicks her feet up onto the coffee table. BattleBlock Theater has been too much fun. What game will be next?”

“I’m not sure. Maybe we could take a break.”

“That would probably be a good idea.”

“I assume that when we come back next year, new games will be out. So, a good co-op game will probably come out by then.”

“And we will dominate.”

“I guess, if we really want a game to play, there’s one that is kind of like this. Not that I can remember the game. Also, I think it is short.”

“Just Google it.”

I pick my phone up and quickly Google what I remember of the game. “Got it. Castle Crashers.”

“Sounds fun. What is it on?”

“Steam. Looks like that’s what we should get. It seems like a simple game with a lot to do.”

“We have to beat this first,” Emily chuckles.

“Oh, yeah. Well, how about we get back to the game,” I set my phone back on the coffee table and pick up my controller. “Are you ready?”

“So ready. Let’s finish this.”


Hope you liked it! I really want to play BattleBlock Theater now. :D
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