Traveling Abroad: Summer Love

Amber could've picked any place in the world to spend her summer vacation. Paris, Rio, London. But no, she picked Seoul, South Korea. Traveling there with her best friend, Emily, and staying with Amber's cousin, Nari. It's meant to be a time to relax and do whatever they want. What happens when they run into some guys who want to be friends and steal their time?


15. Date?

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“Amber,” Taehyung has his famous rectangle smile on his face the second he lays eyes on me.

“Annyeonghaseyo Taehyung,” I smile as he pulls me into a hug.

“Dangsin-eun salangseuleoun iss-eo,” he whispers in my ear.

“Hi, I’m Emily. You must be Namjoon,” my best friend no doubt smiles at the stranger.

“I am. It’s nice to meet you, Emily,” Namjoon responds.

“I guess I’m a little adorable,” I reply to Taehyung’s comment to me.

Taehyung holds me out by my shoulders, “No, a lot.”

I slightly smile, “How are you?”

“I’m good,” he releases me.

“Um, Amber?” Namjoon calls for me.

“Yes Namjoon?” I turn and look at my best friend and the boy.

He smiles, “I’m not here to make this a double date. Taehyung may be able to hold a basic English conversation, but on a date, he needs a translator. That is where I come in.”

“This isn’t a date,” I fidget around for a few seconds. “I’m glad you’re here to help us communicate.”

“Oh, Tae made it seem like it was a date. He wouldn’t shut up about you yesterday.”

“Aw, that’s cute,” Emily smiles. “Infatuation at first sight.”

Taehyung whimpers, “Hey.”

“Sorry Tae,” Namjoon offers an apologetic smile it his friend.

“How about we head inside?” I look back at Taehyung and grab his hand. “Naljja?” I smirk.

Taehyung timidly smiles, “Ah. Jeug, gwaenchanhseubnikka?”

“It’s weird Tae, you just met her,” Namjoon answers for me. “I’m not sure if that’s okay.”

“It is fine,” I start pulling Taehyung into the café. “I want something to drink.”

The four of us make it into the café. It’s just a normal, bright colored, coffee house.

“What does everyone want?” Namjoon asks. “I’ll order so it’s easier.”

The three of us tell him what we want, and then head off to a booth in the corner.

We wait in silence for ten minutes before Namjoon comes back with all our drinks.

“These all look great,” Namjoon slides in next to Emily and passes out the drinks.

“Chocolate is always good,” I smile and sip my hot chocolate. “Did you get a weird look ordering this?”

“Just for a second,” Namjoon smirks.

“How does translating work?” Emily asks.

“Amber, what do you want to say to Taehyung?”

“Um,” I look at Taehyung who just smiles at me. “Tell him that I love his eyes. I could get lost in them. And that he has a real cute smile. Also, his laugh is amazing.”

Namjoon nods, and then starts talking to Taehyung in Korean. Taehyung takes it all in, and then responds with a smile on his face.

“I hope to be like that one day,” Emily comments.

I nod in agreement. “So, what did he say?”

“First he said thank you. Then he said that your fashion sense is perfect, and your hair is cute. Also, you are adorable for being short.”

“That’s so sweet.” Without thinking, I wrap my arms around Taehyung’s torso. “My newest best friend.”

Taehyung puts an arm around me and laughs. “Adorable.” Then he says something in Korean.

“Ah, Taehyung is already planning your next date,” Namjoon chuckles.

“This isn’t a date though,” Emily says.

“It is,” Taehyung pulls me closer. “Amber is so cute.”

I giggle, “Thank you.”

Taehyung quickly says something that I can’t understand.

“Tae doesn’t hide his emotions, so you most have a very loving aura. But he said that he wants to spend some time figuring out when we can get together.”


It has been a while since I last updated this. I am sorry! My life took over and I just didn't have the time. Hope you liked it, and hope it was worth that wait! :D
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