Traveling Abroad: Summer Love

Amber could've picked any place in the world to spend her summer vacation. Paris, Rio, London. But no, she picked Seoul, South Korea. Traveling there with her best friend, Emily, and staying with Amber's cousin, Nari. It's meant to be a time to relax and do whatever they want. What happens when they run into some guys who want to be friends and steal their time?


2. Airplane Journey

   *---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ----*
 “The whole birthday, age, whatever thing is so confusing,” Emily pinches the bridge of her nose.
 “Everyone is a year younger then what they say,” I look over the explanation in the school book thing one more time. “Um, so we are actually sixteen. That’s just the simple way, not worrying about the New Year playing a factor and all. It is quite complicated.”
 “You think we’ll make friends while we’re there?”
 I shrug, “You never know. We may run into some girls that we want to get to know. Or, some boys.”
“They are really pretty over there.”
 I smile, “They are. But, I think I want to do some self-finding on this trip. I’ll be so excited to turn sixteen on this trip too.”
 “So finding a boy to love is just a bonus?”
 “You could say that. What about you?”
 “I came to be with you,” the smile on her lips can be heard.
 I giggle, “I know that. But, like, besides that. You must want to do something on this trip.”
 “Hanging with you every day is going to be awesome. I’d like to write a ton of poems and take some awesome pictures. A guy coming into my life would be pretty sweet too.”
 “Nice goals. I forgot about my writing, and my drawing. And a good amount of writing and drawing to my list.”
 “Add reading, in English and Korean to both of our lists.”
“Plus summer school work.”
 “And video games. Play a good amount of video games.”
 I pull out a loose sheet of paper and put my name at the top. “We should write this down.”
 Emily pulls out a sheet of paper and follows my lead. “Good idea. We’d forget otherwise.”
 I nod, “And we can hang them up in our room so we can see it every day and be reminded of what we need to do.”
 “Good idea,” Emily gives me a small nudge. “You are so smart.”
 I shrug once again, “I guess so.”
 “You’re so modest,” she giggles.
 “Do you know when we get our meal? I’m getting kind of hungry.”
 “Um, we’ve been on here for almost six hours now. I am guessing it will be soon.”
 “This flight isn’t even half over. That’s crazy to think about/”
 “What will they feed us?”
 “Hm, not something too amazing, but I think it’s a sandwich, drink, and a cookie. Oh, and chips.”
 “That’s pretty amazing for airplane food.”
 I laugh, “It’s not a home cooked meal or anything, that’s what I mean.”
 “Yeah. Does Nari cook a lot?”
 “I think she does. I’m sure she’ll teach us so we can fend for ourselves. We can’t be getting take out all the time.”
 “That’s true. Our budgets each week are kind of small. We have to be careful.”
 “I don’t think we’ll be shopping a whole lot. We will be fine.”
 “For our room, it’s not plain, is it?”
 “No, when I Skyped Nari a couple weeks ago, the room was a nice purple and blue. The beds are both bunks with desks underneath. She splurged for us.”
 “That’s sweet of her. Anything else in the room?”
 “A couple of beanbags, and a small TV. Oh, and she set up her game consoles to that TV. Wii, Xbox, and PlayStation. Just have to plug in what one we want to play. And there’s a bookcase with all her video games and some of her books.”
 “She’s very sweet. That’s so nice of her. I’m glad she’s so into making our stay super enjoyable. Your cousin is the very best.”
 “Tell her that when we meet her at the airport. I’m sure she’d love to hear that.”
 “Excuse me, the meals are going to be served in a few minutes,” a lady comes over the intercom. “Please put your tray tables down and have a space clear for the container. Thank you.” The lady then dives into a different language.
 “Good. A nice meal and then a nap shall be in order,” I start putting my things back in my backpack.
 “Ah, that’s a beautiful plan,” Emily follows my lead. “Gonna get your teddy out?” She teases.
 “Shut up,” I shove her leg. “He’s not coming out on the plane. And you know he means a lot to me.”
 “I know, I know,” she rubs my shoulder. “Sorry, I got out of line. It’s really cute you have a teddy.”
 “It’s for comfort, security,” I lean my head back against my chair. “Enough on this subject, I see our food coming.”

Getting more interesting. Hope you liked it. :D

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