the walking dead.

My name is Haley, I used to think that didn't matter anymore until I met Carl, I used to be alone but I think I can finally fell safe and feel alive again. If that's even possible


5. Questions. answers?

I wake up, for the first time in a while by the sound of laughter. I raise my head but the curtains up and I can't see so I sit next to the bared ladder and look out it's just Carl and judith. I jump down and Carl puts his arm around me I just stand there awkwardly. "You mind holding her while I talk to Maggie for a minure" he asks me "sure" I say but first. Why is there a desk in here I ask almost stubbornly because usually people try to get out of work. I was about 12 when this started I I still want to learn stuff. And by the way the last girlfriend or friend that I had was a girl named Eden she claimed over the walls at the last place we was staying at and there where a bunch of walkers there, she died. He says walking over pulling the Curtain to the left to get to the iron gate kind of door and unlocked it with a key and smiled walking out he came back after a second oh and when I come back we can go get food but for now can you feed Judith, please he says without waiting for an answer, leaving. We where supposed to go get breakfast when he came back but he came back and put Judith on the pallet on the floor and grabbed his hat that had fallen off when he bent down then Maggie knocked and brought us both food. We just talked about nouns and schools stuff for a while but then I started asking about the past his past and there where a whole bunch of questions swarming around in my head. (Baby, dad, carl. Where's mom?  How many other places where there before this? Eden? Am I his girlfriend?  Can I trust them? Etc.

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