the walking dead.

My name is Haley, I used to think that didn't matter anymore until I met Carl, I used to be alone but I think I can finally fell safe and feel alive again. If that's even possible


3. People

Someone says something that sounds like "I don't hear anything, let's go in"  he sounds like a 40 year old male. Then I hear a boys about my age say " daryl and Carol can ride the bike and draw some off the Windows "  they start muttering and I hear a motorcycle vrrrm and and it goes quiet for a few seconds, until a boom and a crack and the doors open I hear footsteps the man busts through my brothers room and groans. The boy is at my almost at my room when I realize they'll find me but at that moment I don't care I just simply stare at the wall listening. Boom the door opens and a boy with long brown hair a police that and blue jeans and a aqua shirt with a unbuttoned polo on top stares wide eyed at me " Dadddd! He calls "Carrrl" says the man running in taking the boy who the man said was Carl's gun and comes closer to me than the boy was. He just asks what used to be a simple question "are you bit or scratched?" I shake my head slowly  and he lowers the gun "Carl you no the drill ill lock the door back and ask Maggie about rooms and stuff" the man says handing the boy the gun. And nodding walking out of the room we hear a bang and a nnnk sound which probably means he's making sure the door is locked good. "I'm carl" he says putting his hand out "haley" I say carefully putting my hand on his. "How long have you been here?" Carl asked since I was 2" I say "but alone 5 and a half weeks" "oh, what if we did you a favor and you did us a favor" he says back " and what's that" I say half smiling "you have ALOT of stuff we could use here! So what if you came with us and we gave you food and water and shelter" he says "alright" I say but under one circumstance u burn my brother I can't handle looking at him anymore" I find out he's 16 and single and he gave a little hint he likes me just a little.

The man comes back and I found out his name is Rick they get big garbage bags and take stuff and I sit in a Rv with Carl and a car seat that doesn't have a baby in it I nudge Carl and point at it he smiles and explains to me he has a baby sister named Judith but she's at home he said home bitterly like he didn't want to get to attached to it.


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