the walking dead.

My name is Haley, I used to think that didn't matter anymore until I met Carl, I used to be alone but I think I can finally fell safe and feel alive again. If that's even possible


4. Home or base

I wake up to the sound of screaming and I get alarmed but it's just Maggie and Glenn which I'm convinced is her boyfriend are laughing and screaming and tickling eachother. I try to keep sleeping because to me that's the only way to be peaceful sometimes sometimes.carl smiles at me I didn't realize he was there at first but now I see him plain and clear and he's smiling I never thought I would see someone  smile ever again but I do. "What" I ask sleepily ".nothing it's just....." he says trailing off "just what" I ask anxious and I don't no why. "it's just Your so beautiful" he says so shyly and quietly I barely hear him over the roar of the car. "Me" "I say are you blind or something" "No I can see just fine but you but you dont like me do you "he says sadly and almost proud I I I don't no .mabey if I new you better I would" I say  "ok then we can be friends and you decide if anything more ok" he says as we pull up to a ladder and wooden trap door I looked down. More latters. They made this. All of it. I ask Rick how many rooms there are and he said all the rooms they have have bunck beds except the ones that people have a boyfriend or girlfriend. And no more rooms he said that people where bunched together with everyone so I would be in a room with either Carl or Morgan. And he said that Carl would be a better choice because Morgan cough a lot and stays up shooting half of the time so I picked Carl and then Maggie told me she would put up a sheet around the sides it the bunk so Carl couldn't see me if I was getting dressed up there and while I was sleeping. I nodded and one after the other went down.

Carl led the way he guided my back when no one was looking and got oddly close    his room has a bunk bed and a side table that looks wobbly with 2 comic books on it that look rough and a desk that has dirty and clean paper on it and a cup with pencils and pens and stuff and a map on the wall. He takes out a notebook and lays it down on the bedside table and grabs my hand taking me to a small crib in the corner that I didn't realize. There's no baby but a doll is just then Maggie comes in with the sheets a blanket the nicest pillow they had (she said) a box of a few personal things of mine and a baby girl she handed the girl to Carl kissed her and hugged me and hung up the sheet and  walked away 

       Carl lays the baby down and I get in my bunk lay the box down rap up and sleep. I need to think if this is going to be my new home or just a base that's temporary


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