the walking dead.

My name is Haley, I used to think that didn't matter anymore until I met Carl, I used to be alone but I think I can finally fell safe and feel alive again. If that's even possible


1. Nobody but me

 My uncle Brandon calls me into the boarded up living room. Me, him and my brother are the only ones in out family that made it. That we know of. ''I need you to stay here with Caleb'' he says ''we are running out of food, waters fine but you  know we have to have the supplies'' ''yes I know'' I say is Caleb still sleeping I add. Not asking too go because part of me knows he will say no and the other part doesn't want to see what's out there more than I have to. Brandon always tells me not to ask for things, especially food and water we already run out fast, we get a small breakfast in the morning and a small dinner at night if we have leftover then we sometimes get snacks. ''yeah  but let him sleep he probably needs it,  enless it's an emergency, got it kiddo?'' He asked me kind of smiling but I knew it was a fake smile he only real smiles when where all home in the family room laying down eating and all covered up.''yes'' I say back sitting on the couch fake smiling too just to make him happy ''i'll be back he says'' still smiling walking out the door with a sack, 2 guns and a knife with him as he leaves me into the silence. I get up and walk over to the fridge that kinda still works I grab and apple, nobody cares about Apples but me but I still only cut a little but off to eat. I grab my purple and blue pocket knife that has a little bit of red that used to not be there before this, just in case and lay down on my pillow and grab a small blanket . About an hour later I hear screaming, I get up real fast and run to my brother Caleb he's laying on the floor with blood everywhere coming from his arm and cheek. I don't know what else to do but stab the walker she falls and my brother starts crying ''you can't get hurt, you cant'' '' stab me''  ''please'' he cries on and on but instead I lay the knife down and run into my room and lock the door ''I'll be okay Caleb just......I can't do it''  I hear nothing, nothing and nothing.

The silence goes on for a long time I don't know what to do so I just stay there for the rest of the night. When I wake up I hear scratching but not from my brothers room, but from the outside of the living room door. I unlock my door and walk out of the room and peek through my brothers open door, he's dead and there's my knife through his eye, he must have done it himself, I let a single tear come out before I stop myself I'm too strong for that  I seen my mom and baby sister die i'll be ok. I just painly snatch the knife and go back to my room and sit on my bed, and wait for my uncle to come home. He's still not back after two days of the same routine, get up, eat and drink a  little bit of Apple's and water check outside  make sure the doors still ok, check every room and back to the couch for a while and then to my room, water and apple and back to bed. It's been too long I know he's not coming back. My brother was 18 and I was 15 we should have been able to go to cover him mabey he would be back by now.           It's already been 1 or 2 weeks before I find him in the basement I only go down there every once and a while but there he is just laying there dead on the couch he fell on the fireplace stakes and they went through his head he was already dead by then though so it didn't matter, that's when I knew I was Alone


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