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2. chapter two

"Wake up!" Harry elbows me violently.

"Dude! What the hell?" I snap.

"There's some dumb noise."

"So what?" I yawn miserably.

"I ate the sandwiches and im bored."


"What time is it?"

"I don't know, you had my phone last, idiot."

"Oh yeah. I lost it."

"Harry, the box isn't even that big-"

"I am not responding to Harry."

"Fine. Felicia, how could you have lost my phone?"

"Um, because I fell asleep."

"Never mind, it's here."

"You see, Alfredia-"



"Jeremiah, stop being stressy."

"Shutup, Herbert."

"That's new."

"Yeah, well, I had a dream."

"Oh wow, that's amazing, I totally care. Tell me more!"I groan forcing a smile and checking my phone. 4:27am....AM?!


"Dude! You just woke me up at 4:27 AM! Are you kidding me? Nobody wakes up that early.

"Go back to sleep then."

"I'm awake now! Thanks to Mr. Idiot over here."

"What's this?"asks the amazed green-eyed dimwit sitting up straight causing me to drop to the floor.

"That's period pads."

"Ew!"squirms Jeremiah flinging the pads over to me.

"They aren't used...thicko."

"Good. Why have they got paper on them?"

"Because they are sticky."

"Ew!"Jeremiah squirms again.

"Not because theyre used! They already are like that."

"I wanna stick one to your face."

"Gross, no, stick it to the wall instead."

"Maybe I can brighten up the place."

"Pah, good luck with that."I say under my breath, adjusting my strangers jumper.

"I'm tired..."

"That's because you woke us up at 4 freakin' 30 in the morning!"I sigh.

"That's because there were noises."

"Ignore them."

"They were loud."

"I didn't hear them."

"That's because you were snoring too loudly over them. It was like a symphony. But a bad one."

"I do not snore!"I scoff.

"Yes you do!"

"Well, you mumble."


"That's right, you mumble words in your sleep."

"Like what?"

"I don't remember. You said something about a lipstick."

"I'm surprised you could hear over your snoring."

"People don't snore when their awake, retard."

"Whatever."smiles the messy haired boy. And for the first time I smile back...and mean it.

A/N short chapter. comment for a new one?

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