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3. chapter three

"Herbet, we've been sat here all day and my phone is almost dead."

"Boo hoo, Shirley."

"And I need a wee again. And my legs hurt-"

"Shush, something's moving."he nudged me and put the cap of the torch on to light up the box again.

"We're being lifted."


"We. Are. Being-"

"Lifted, I got it."

"Then why ask the question?"

"Just, shut up."

We sat for a few minutes is silence wedged together. A few seconds after I closed my eyes, we were then placed firmly on the ground.

"What the f-"

"Herbert. You still there?"

"No." I look up at him. "Shirley, see if you can poke your finger through the hole in the box."

"You stick your finger through the hole."

"But you're closest."he breathed heavily as I shuffle to face the side of the box and stick my finger through the hole. 

"I can rip through this."I say mostly to myself. Ripping through the weak fabric, I tear a hole in the side of the box big enough to get out of.
I turn to face Herbert awaiting approval and he stares back at me, clearly dumbfounded.

"I'll go first."he whispered oddly protectively. I bow my head and allow him to pass by. He climbs out of our box and into a much bigger room.

"It's fine, you can come out." 

"Well, obviously I can because you did."

He rolls his eyes at me as I take in our new surroundings.
The walls are painted a fair cream colour as the modern room resembles a small apartment. The windows are locked shut and the curtains are drawn so I instantly make my way over to the curtains pulling them back to reveal a plain white banner. Shooting the confused boy a nervous glance, he walks to the other side of the room, into the kitchen area as I follow in his footsteps.

"There's food."

"How much?"

"A lot."

"What do we do now?"I frown making my way up to a closed door, turning the handle.

"It's unlocked."I say seriously.

"Let me-"he tries, making his way past me, pushing open the door. Inside, there is a bathroom, with a full wall mirror, a bath, a toilet and sink. We close the door and walk to the room beside it, entering the room. 

"Laundry room."
I rub my temples and exit the room into the kitchen.

"What is this place? What the hell is happening right now. Where even-"

I shrug and start looking for food.


"Yeah, you?" He nods in reply as I open a few cabinets and take out bread and walk over to the fridge.

"Pizza!"the Australian boy points out. My eyes meet a large frozen pizza sat in the fridge.

"Pizza it is."

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