What is real love?

This story is about the 15 years old girl, Hope, who should move all the way from England to Australia with her brother, Hope doesn't want to go, and when she start at her new school she doesn't want to talk with anyone, but what happen when Hope meet a which person? And maybe that which person is a little famous guy? Find out here����


1. annoying nighbour!

Hey, my name is Hope, I'm 15 years old and I live with my brother. Now your thinking:"why does she live with her brother?", and it's because that my parents died 1 months ago, they died in London, because that my brother, Matthew, decided that we should move to Australia the day after the funeral, he think that we should start all over again, and forget the currently, but I tell you right now, I will never ever forget it, I mean hallo, it's my parents, they are people I have live with my whole life, so how the hell does he want me to forget it?!. I should start in my new school soon, but I'm sure that I will be lonely the rest of my school life, course I really and I mean really don't want to love more people in my life, what if they also died, than what will I do? The only person I love right now is my brother, and it's will always be my brother.

Right now we are in the plane, we're not the richest people so we don't sitting in first class, but it's fine. I'm actually just want to die, I don't know why, I just think that, Matthew is 19 years old, i mean if not so long, he will certainly married, then he throws me in an orphanage. Okay, maybe my brother can be really annoying sometimes, but I don't thinks he will throw me out of his life one day, I know he loves me, but he also deserve a love life, and maybe build he's own family, but he can't course I'm here, maybe I should just commit suicide, course I have nothing to live for. But anyways, we have arrived now, wow it's take a looooooong time, but well we're here, Australia, her I come.

Me and Matthew have got our suitcases, and now we're stand and waiting for a taxi. When I think about it, are Australia REALLY beautiful, and there not SO many people, I mean in terms how big the country is.

"So sis, are you looking forward to start at your new school tomorrow?" He asked with a big smile, "yes", hr just nodded and made some hand signal which got a taxi to stop behind os. Okay maybe I lied when I said "yes", but if I tell him the truth, he will just be hurt, and I don't won't to hurt him, so I just shut up.

We're get out of the taxi, it didn't take so long time, maybe only 20 minutes, but whatever, Matthew paid the taxi, and then just afsked me to follow him. The house is BIG, or big to only two persons, but our neighbours house is much bigger, that's annoying me, weird.

When Matthew opened the door, I run op to the next floor, I chorus the biggest room, Matthew is okay with that, he also just like his room much better the mine. My room is big, beautiful and........WAIT A SECOND! There is a big balcony, and the neighbours also got one facing mine to one of there's bedrooms, great!! I wish that it's a little girl who loves barbies and all the princess stoff, I just really hope that it's not a pedofile, really!

"Hope you should go to sleep now if you want to wake op early to school tomorrow" Matthew said with a little tired face, lol he loke like a baby. "Yeah yeah, I'm going to bed now" what the latest thing I said before I closed my door. It's really warm, so I open the balcony door, and right when I opened the door, I seed the hottest guy I've ever seen. I think he is the guy next door, but I still wanted a little girl, cause guys are creepy sometimes. "What's up beauty, are you my new roommate?" He said with a cheeky smile, yes PLAYBOY! I hate playboys, they always think they is the best, and that they can get whatever they want, idiots! "Yes, fortunately" i Said with unhappy, but still a flippant way edit. "Oooh, i hope you are just as good in bed as you are right now sexy" I already hate him, and I have just talk with him in to minutes! "Dream on prettyboy, and goodbye!" Was the last thing I said before I decided to go into my room again and close the door, "see you later pretty" was the last thing I heard from him before I closed the door. I hate him, hate him, HATE HIM! I really hope that he don't go in my new school, cause my freaking neighbor is REALLY annoying!!!

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