You've met them in 'My brothers Best Friend'
And now their back, better than ever.
A story that twists between the two lives in every chapter.
I'm happy to introduce Samwich Wallace and Samantha Burk in Twister, the spinoff for MBBF.


8. Six - samwich

It takes a while to process what Lela just said and in the time, Samantha got up and started heading towards the kitchen door.
She pulled it open and a pile of grown men fell into the room. Well, I wouldn’t say grown me, more like tall boys and guys with weird fringes. The first one that caught my eye was Harry, who was laughing his arse off and laid atop of Louis.
"LARRY IS CANNON!" escaped from my mouth and shortly after eyes were turned on me.
"what the hell was that?" Samantha yelled, "why were you watching us?"
"and how long?" I added, tag teaming with Sammy.
"uhhh, about half way through your facetime with Amnesia." Jacob replied, louis and Ashton nodded.
"just before your facetime." Luke informs me, with Calum and Tyler agreeing with them.
"When you were watching Love Actually." Liam says and Harry agrees.
"When you first started talking about your sister wanting pictures of Phil." Dan admits, Michael quickly agreeing with him.
Everyone was looking at Phil and Niall, waiting for their story.
"Before Samwich walked into the room." Phil blushes, hanging his head in shame.
"Just after Sam walked in," Niall adds.
I can't help but roll my eyes, how dare they watch us from a distance! Isn't that called stalking? Can't they go to jail for that? I turn my head to Samantha, who is as red as a baboons butt. I can almost feel the heat radiating of her cheeks.
"Why didn’t you just come and talk to us?" I ask, rolling my eyes once again.
They all shrug and point to Phil, who is now blushing like a mad man. I notice that Felix and the triplets aren't here, but I push the thought away. I need to think about the current situation. My thoughts suddenly wonder to Samantha and I can't help but feel bad for her. They just saw her bedroom, her fricken BEDROOM. They also noticed her fangirlness and how deep seeded her love for Dan and Phil are. She must be so embarrassed! I know I would be. Actually, if it was me I would've ran out the room.
I turned back to her and wrapped my arms around her. I was a really anti-hug person, so she seemed quite shocked. She dug her face into the crook of my neck and I felt slightly uncomfortable, but pushed the feeling away. She sniffed slightly.
"oh my gosh, I'm sorry Samantha." Phil rushed, coming over to give her a hug.
Before she even has time to reject him, he encloses her in the hug, pulling her away from me. I was slightly thankful, knowing that if it went on for any longer then I would have screamed. He wraps his long arms around her waist, Sammy then wraps her arms around his chest. He's so tall compared to her, she seemed like an ant.
Her face lights up and she looks over at me, mouthing 'holy shit'. She seemed to be enjoying it quite a lot. I thought she'd never let go.
"what's going on here?" A voice chuckles, "you're all staring at them hugging?"
Samantha pulls away, blushing even more so. She seemed extremely happy though, Phil must have magical hugs. I always thought that if Felix didn’t date Lela, he'd probably date Samantha. They had so much in common that Lela got jealous sometimes. Samantha always ensured that she wasn’t interested though, saving herself for Dan or Phil. Maybe even both.
Wink, wink.
"Morning Felix," Samantha smiled.
Felix smiled in return, he went to say something but was cut off.
"SHE'S KINDA HOT THOUGH," blared through the TV.
Samantha went even redder -which I thought was impossible- and looked up at the tv.
Her iPad was airdropped on the TV. It said 'Facetime from I Forgot' (I'm writing this on my laptop)
"everybody get out the view of the camera and stfu." Samantha hissed, pushing Phil over to Dan (who was now sitting on the couch).
"why?" Harry asked, sitting on a different couch.
"Because if she sees you, you'll still be here in 10 hours." Samantha stated, pushing more people onto chairs and into walls.
She then accepted the call and her sister appeared once again.
"Hey! I was just wondering if you'd like to see my friends and I do our routines?" Amnesia questioned.
"Sure. Who am I watching?" Samantha asked, pulling me into frame.
"I'll introduce you," she disappeared and then turned up again.
She was pulling a girl, with long red hair, into frame. The girl was wearing a white jacket and appeared to be wearing black leggings.
"This is Georgia," Amnesia introduced. "show her your shirt."
Georgia nodded, before taking her jacket off. She was wearing a black shirt with a bunch of symbols on it. There was Panic! At The Disco, My Chemical Romance, Muse, 5SOS, One Direction, Melanie Martinez, Oscars Hotel, Dan and Phil's cat whiskers, Coldplay, ABBA, Pink Floyd, Nirvana, Blink 182, Peirce the Veil, SWS, Taylor Swift, Smosh, Troye Sivan, Tylers hair, The Mortal Instruments, TID, divergent, The Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Sia, U2, Twenty One Pilots, Maroon 5, Attack On Titan, Lily Allen, Gorillaz and Foo Fighters.
Some symbols were bigger than others.
"nice shirt!" Samantha complements.
"Thanks," Georgia smiles.
"how long have you been in the Phandom?" Sammy askes, "that’s Phandom with ph"
"ahh, 8 months I think." Georgia smiles, rubbing the back of her head. "My friend and I got in a fight over Phil's hair."
"What about it?" Sammy questions.
"If it was naturally black. I said yes and she said it was impossible. So I hooked it up and he's naturally a ginger! She made me say sorry, like 10 times." Georgia laughs, playing with the end of her ponytail, "I usually hate gingers, but I'll make an exception for Phil. And Ed Sheeran."
A goofy smile spreads across Amnesias face, before she lets out a happy laugh. I am good at reading people by their actions and expressions. I can tell when something is fake and when something is real. I've been able to do it since I was 7.
"have you seen Dan and Phil in 2011?" Amnesia questions.
Before Georgia even says anything, she burst out laughing. She almost falls over, but steady's herself.
"OMFG!" she gasps, "the hair."
They laugh a little more, until a 'GEORGIA' is screamed from across the rink.
"YASS?" Georgia shouts back.
"sorry guys, I'll be right back."
Amnesia smirks, "she is great. Watch her."
The camera focus on her and she just stands. Suddenly, a sort of ballet music comes on and she does a ballet jump thing. Suddenly the music changes and Georgia throws her leg in the air. The song was 'The Ballad of Mona Lisa'.
She takes off, doing split jumps, Lutz's, toe jumps, flip jumps and a double axel. She goes into different spins, like a sit spin, a camel and some normal upright spins. He footwork is mostly backwards and she moves fast. It looked great but I'd seen better.
I knew for a fact that Amnesia would show us some videos. Most likely ones of Samantha skating.
When the music finished, Georgia ran over to us, or should I say skated? I don’t know.
"your go, Sydney." Georgia smirked.
"I hate when you use my real name." Amnesia mumbles, before walking off onto the ice.
You heard right, Amnesias name was actually Sydney. The reason everyone calls her Amnesia (or Amn for short) is due to her forgetfulness. Sydney - or Amnesia- suffered from minor amnesia when she was younger. The nickname stuck and suddenly she was Amnesia, not Sydney.
Amnesia stood in place, then History -by One Direction-  started playing.
It's hard to describe what was going on but it was FANTASTIC. Even I could see how much she had improved, he jumps were steadier, her spins had more revolutions, her footwork was cleaner and her arm movements were solid.
When she finished in her closing pose, she ran over huffing and puffing. Samantha and I burst out clapping and even Lela joined in.
"Oh, hey Lela. I didn’t know you were here."
"HOLY CRAPO, IS THAT THE LELA HEMMINGS!!???" Georgia screamed out.
"oh, Samantha and Lela are best buds." Amnesia smiled.
"OMG, HI LELA. I'M A HUGE FAN AND I LOVE YOUR WORK!" Georgia complimented.
"Hello Georgia, it's nice to meet you! I'm going to be staying with Amnesia and Sammy for a while, so I'll see you soon." Lela smiled happily, "also, great routine."
Lela than walked off the screen and sat back down next to Luke. I wasn't even sure what just happened, if I'm completely honest. I turned and looked at Sammy, who looked at me at the exact same time. as if on cue, we both burst out laughing. I leaned forward, covering my hand with my mouth. I just couldn't stop.
"what's so funny?" Dan asked, joining in on the laughter.
"N-nothing," Sam laughed out. "d-don't worry."
"LMOA LMOA!" I chuckled, calming down slightly. 


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