You've met them in 'My brothers Best Friend'
And now their back, better than ever.
A story that twists between the two lives in every chapter.
I'm happy to introduce Samwich Wallace and Samantha Burk in Twister, the spinoff for MBBF.


2. one- Samantha

"I say we play 50 shades of questions" samwich suggested

"50 shades of what?" Liam asked, confusion written on his face.

"Of questions" I say, stepping in "pretty much, we take turns asking questions and everyone answers them"

"Even the person who asks the question?" Luke asked

"Of course" me and Sam nod

"Who created it?" Phil asked

"I created it" I smile

"But I came up with the name" Sam added

"It's an amazing name" Calum smiled, looking directly at Sam.

They held eye contact for a few seconds, before Sam looked down. Breaking the eye contact and blushing.

I smirk, knowing that he's gonna tap that ;).

A odd silence fills the room, making me shift.

"Who wants to go first?" Jacob asks, breaking the awkward silence.

"I'll go first" Michael smiled "what are your numbers?"

He pulled his phone out and raised his eye brows at us.

We laughed, but called out numbers, adding everyone we didn't have.

"I've got one, who's you favourite person in the room?"

(・ω・)ノhi, I'm a time skip(・ω・)ノ

I don't know when or how, but Dan and Michael ended up good friends. Somewhere between the 'who's the best looking in the room' and 'whats the worst thing you've ever done' they sat together and having been chatting since.

Like who can blame them?

Their both adorable and perfect, so I couldn't ship it more.


Yep, they have a ship name now.

I think it's my new OTP.

Along with this, samwich is now siting next to Calum.

There's no kissing, yet....

I'm currently chatting with Luke, something about his new chick.

Ugh, Arzaylae.

Like are you kidding Luke?

You talking to a girl and what do you talk about?

Your new byotch.

I've zoned him out, I honestly don't give a shit.

"I'm thirsty" I said suddenly

"I'll go get you a drink" Luke smiled shyly, he then stood up and walked out the room.

I let out a sigh and walk over to Dan and Michael.

"Mind if I sit with you?" I ask

Both boys turn to me, a smirk tugging at their lips.

"Of course not" Michael says

I smile and sit down.

"So, what were you chatting to Luke about?" Dan asks, a frown spread across his face.

"Something about his new girlfriend" I state, rolling my eyes.

"What a gentlemen" Michael giggled

I smiled and leaned my head on his shoulder.

"New girlfriend?" Dan questions

"Yeah Arzaylae" I huff "ducking bitch"

"Ducking?" Dan asks, showing his dimple off.

I shrug but laugh

"Can we goto my room?" I ask

Both boys rebound.

"Ate asks buy me dinner first" Michael squeaks

"Shut up, I just wanted to go somewhere quite" I laugh, standing up

"Oh, I guess so" they laugh, standing up.

I lead them out to my bedroom and sit on my bed, Michael quickly follows.

Dan closes the door and joins us.

"So, let's get deep"

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