You've met them in 'My brothers Best Friend'
And now their back, better than ever.
A story that twists between the two lives in every chapter.
I'm happy to introduce Samwich Wallace and Samantha Burk in Twister, the spinoff for MBBF.


6. Four- Samwich


"And in the end, I will always over rule" he sneered. 

He stood in front of the light, looking as a angel would. But there was this vibe, a vibe that told you not to mess with him. He stood a few feet above me, making me feel small and weak. 

"So, how about you go play with the other kids" 

I nodded my head, then quickly ran away. I played on the bright red slide, trying to blend in with the crowd. No matter how hard I tried, his eyes still burned into me. Eventually, the curiosity over took me and I looked in his direction. 

He started back at me, before turning around and walking away. I cringed, shaking my head. I continued playing with the children, all of them obvious to the earlier event. I saw a small blond girl run over to me, her hair in a long ponytail, tugging slightly at my green shirt. 

"Did you see that guy?" She asked in a hush tone

"Yeah" I nodded "I'm scared sammy" 

She smiled slightly, standing closer to me. 

"Don't worry" she whispered "I'll always be there"

I smiled as well, there was something about her that made me happy. We talked for a while and eventually I told the truth about the man. Sammy frowned, suggesting ideas to prevent it from occurring again. 

Eventually my throat ran dry and I felt the need for a drink.

"I'm going to get a drink" I stated, offering to get her one. 

She replied with a 'yes please' and a smile. I nodded and ran off to the closed drink stand.i brought a bottle of lemonade and a bottle of Fanta. I then started heading back, when I was suddenly jerked back. I went to scream but found a hand wrapped around my mouth, restricting the sound to a mumble. 

A few seconds later, I saw a girl with bright blonde hair. She kicked at the strange man, as he tried to fight back. I was suddenly dropped to the floor and I took the chance to scramble away. I heard a muffled scream and looked to my right to see the man holding the blonde girl at gun point, then I blacked out. 


I woke up with a start, gasping for air. I turned side to side, and almost screamed when I saw a curly haired boy laying next to me. I then turned to my other side and saw yet another Curley haired boy. 

I had to blink a few time before I recognised them as Harry Styles and Ashton Irwin. I quietly fangirled, before carefully hopping out of bed. When I made it safely to the ground, I checked that they were still sleeping before running out of the room. 

I ran straight into the kitchen, where I quickly getting a glass of water. I jumped in shock, as I saw a bright blond haired girl sitting at the table. She was crunched over an iPad, a pair of black beats covering her ears as she watched a video. She wore batman pyjamas, her hair tied into to a ponytail.

I smiled slightly, walking over to her seat. I took the seat on her right, waiting for her to sense my presents. After a few minutes, her head turned to me. A squeal escaped her lips as she fell backwards, hitting her head on the table on the way down. 

"Fuckin' hell" she mumbled, her heart placed over her heart. She shot me an angry glare, I laughed before offering my hand to her. She happily took it and pushed herself back into the chair. 

"You scared me" Samantha laughed, taking her headphones out the iPad and putting them in her backpack. 

"I could tell" 

We sat in a comfortable silence for a few minutes, as she did something with her iPad. I wasn't sure what, and I didn't lean over to see, I knew how much she hated it when people did that to her. 

"I had the dream again..." I whispered, looking directly at the floor. 

I played nervously with the edge of my shirt, waiting for a response. A sigh escaped Samantha's lips, as she nervously tapped the table.

"I don't know what to tell you" she whispered "you just have to remember that it's over"

"I k-know" I stuttered, biting my lip nervously "but I can't stop thinking about it"

I felt a light touch to my arm, and stiffened slightly.

"It's okay" Samantha stated, removing her hand from my arm "he's gone now" 

I nodded as the metallic taste of blood tickled my tastebuds, I immediately stopped biting my lip. We fell into a tense silence, the only sound being the ticking of the wall clock behind us. A Bing sounded the room, making Samantha walk over to the table.

She picked up her phone and studied the screen with a sudden interest, tapping a quick response back. I sat in silence, studding the table with a sudden interest. 

"Bloody hell amnesia" Samantha muttered sourly, shooting a salty look towards her phone. 

I suppressed a laugh as I studied her face, a mixture of anger and frustration printed on it.

"What does she want now?" I ask, half smiling.

"She wants me to take a picture of Phil sleeping" she shrugs, a smile playing on her face. 

I burst out laughing, Samantha quickly following. 

"I keep telling her no, but she won't accept it" she stated "she wrote 'you're in the same house as Phil Lester, and he's asleep, therefore it's obligatory that you take a creepy stalker photo for your little sister!'" 

I continue laughing, the information feeding my funny fire. 

"Wait isn't she 14?" I ask, the realisation hitting me.

"Yep" she hums, shaking her head in disapproval "and he's 28"

"Holy fûck on a duck!" I laugh, gasping for air "he's twice her age! That's peddo!" 

Samantha nods, showing her siding with me quickly. 



I yawn as I slowly wake up, the senses of my body returning after my long needed sleep. I look to me left and nearly fall out of the bed when I see a red haired boy laying beside me. The realisation hits me, Michael. But where's Samantha? 

I push my legs over the side the bed, making myself stand up. 

"Dan?" I hear a froggy voice ask.

My head shots to the red head, who is now looking back at me, a sly grin printed on his face. 

"Michael" I retort, stretching my arms to release the early morning tension. 

A laugh escapes Michaels lips, slightly deeper than normal due to his sudden awakening. 

"Where's Sammy?" Michael asks, cocking his head slightly to the right. 

"No idea" I admit, shrugging.

"Let's go find her?" Michael suggests, also standing up.


We head out the room, silently walking into the living room. When we see that there's no one in there, we head towards the kitchen. I stop Michael from entering as I see Phil and Niall spying into the room. I tap phils shoulder, and he flinches at the sudden movement. 

He places his finger to his mouth, gesturing for silence. I nod, showing that I understand. I then quickly listen into the kitchen, heading to voices having a conversation. 

"That's peddo!"

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