You've met them in 'My brothers Best Friend'
And now their back, better than ever.
A story that twists between the two lives in every chapter.
I'm happy to introduce Samwich Wallace and Samantha Burk in Twister, the spinoff for MBBF.


7. Five - Samantha


Samantha 🙊

'Please? Don't you love me?' - A

'Can you shut up? I'm not taking a photo for you' - S 

'Can you at least FaceTime me then? I'm bored' - A

'No, I'm with Sam' - S 

'So?' - A

"Ugh." I moan, thinking out loud. "Can you shut up"

"What does she want now?" Samwich asks, arching her eyebrow in confusion.

"She wants to FaceTime." I reply, shaking my head. "But she won't take no for an answer."

Sam let's out a quite laughing, shaking her head while she scrunched her face up. 

"Just FaceTime her," Samwich suggests. She acts as if it's the obvious solution.

"Nah." I reply smoothly, it's not that I do want to talk to her, I'm just way to lazy. 


Samwich continues laughing, still shaking her head in confusion.

"Okay then?" Sam chuckled "so how long have you been down here for?"

"Since 3" I replied, running my hands through the ends of my ponytail 

"Since 3!" Sam exclaimed "what time did you go to bed?"

"1" I reply "I couldn't sleep, turns out Michael and Dan snore" 

"Really?" She asked, suppressing a laugh "who's louder?"

"Michael" I admit, recalling the earlier experience.

Dans snores were quite and soft, cute even. However they were constant, with one sounding every 20 seconds.

Michaels were louder, but spread out. Coming out every 2 minutes or so.

It was almost impossible to sleep with the 2 of them  producing that much sound. So after 2 hours of trying, I managed to crawl out of dans iron grip and make him cuddle Michael. 

The only place I had to go was the kitchen, as people were asleep in all the rooms other rooms and I wasn't going to sleep in the bath. 

So I set up camp on the kitchen chairs. The hard white plastic hurt my butt after a while, giving me awful butt cramps. 

"Damn, what were you doing all this time?" Sam questioned 

"I surfed the Internet and watched parent trap and scream" I responded "and I'm in the middle of watching love actually" 

"Oh yeah love actually, it's in my top 47" Sam remarked

"47?" I marvelled, raising my eyebrow questionably 

"47, a number often ignored because of its oddness" Sam acknowledged 

"Makes sense I suppose" I chimed 

I turned back towards the tv, which now had the Sony bouncing around it, before picking up the DVD remote and pressing the play button. The image changed to a picture of a small ginger boy talking to a tall brown haired guy, that seemed to be his father. 

I watched the television with interest, listening intently to the script between the people. 

Being the person I am, I bounced my fingers on my knee cap to keep myself alert. I'm just one of those people, I'm always moving no matter what I'm doing. 

Sam hummed silently in the background, and it wasn't long until a conversation formed between the two of us. We discussed nothing particular, but somehow discussed everything. 

Sam retold her experiences from yesterday and I cringed as she told me about Calum. 

"What a fûckboy" I fumed 

"Yeah, I know right." She sneered 

I rolled my eyes and adverted my glance back to the tv. 

What type of guy just says that? I start retelling my adventures of last night,  and before I know it the movie ends. I go to stand up, but my legs are dead, which results in me falling on the ground. 

"Wow, I'm a stack of potatoes." I joke, wiggling my way back up.

Sam laughs, before checking her phone. The silicone robin case giving the iPhone 6 a splurge of colour. A while ago, Sam and I brought matching iPhone 6s (mine rose gold and hers gold) and cases. I got the classic batman one, while she got the robin one. 

"Ugh. 6 messages from Hunter," she moans. 

Hunter was her recent ex boyfriend. They were 'madly in love', which I didn't believe for a heart beat, before she caught him in bed with some white haired bimbo. Turns out, he was using her for her body, and was constantly cheating. I had to refrain myself from saying 'I told you so', but I hadn't done a good job.

"Why don't you just block his number?" I suggest, taking the DVD out of the DVD player and putting it back in its box.

"Why don't you FaceTime Amnesia?" Sam sasses.

I sigh and put the DVD back on the shelfs, before sitting back down. 

"Don't sass me, I am the queen of sass!" I mock. 

Sam simply rolls her eyes, before typing into her phone. 

"It's like talking to a six year old" I state, laughing after.

Fully satisfied with my work, I switch the to to another channel and connect my iPad up. My lock screen appears and I suddenly feel lucky that nobody is around. An edited picture me standing between dan and phil shows up and Sam bursts out laughing.

I laugh too, before using my finger print to unlock it. My home screen shows a collage of all the things I love, with guests like 5sos, dan and Phil, Panic! At the disco, gravity falls, attack on Titan and Percy Jackson. I open my FaceTime app and press on the contact:

💁🏼I forgot💁🏼 

I have a system I like to call 'emoji rate', where the more I like you, the better emoji you get. Sams was 👑, Lelas was 🍉, Jacobs was 🐍 and Finns was 🍕. I still had to assign emojis to the boys, but I'll wait to later. 

It rang a few times, before a 'connecting' appeared. Seconds later, a slightly blurry picture of my little sister appeared. Her hair was cut at the jaw, with her fringe pointing to my right. You could see the top of her senior uniform, the white blouse seemingly clean and ironed. 

"Finally!" She yelled, making the picture sway side to side. "I actually have to turn the camera off, because I have to get changed for skating" 

I'm guessing it's around 4pm there, with them being a whole 10 hours in front of London. 

"All good, so how's school?" I asked, making conversation.

"It's pretty good, there's only 3 more days left, then I have a whole 8 weeks off" she gushed, the image then disappeared. "How are you Sam?" 

"Pretty good, except having to share a house with Phil." Sam replies, rolling her eyes, 

"I can't believe you're complaining about that," Amn pointed out. "I'd do anything to be where you are right now."

"I want to meet Dan and Phil" Amnesia points out, pouting. "Wait a second"

"Hm?" I ask, curious for what she would say.

"Can you ask them to come to Australia with you?" Amnesia begs "please, please, please, please, please."

"I don't know" I mumble, won't it be weird if I just go up to them and be like 'lol, you don't really know me, but I'd really like it if you got on a plane and flew half way around the world to meet my baby sister!' 

"Please, please, please, please, please, please. Don't you love me? Why don't you want me to be happ-" 

"Fine" I give in, agreeing to ask.

It was a matter of seconds later, that her image popped up. She appeared to be wearing a pair of black leggings and a white tank top. She had a bright pink jacket and matching gloves in her arms. He hair was pulled back in a head band, to insure it wouldn't fly in her face at skating. 

"And that is what they call 'peer pressure' kids" amnesia jokes "thank you"

I've never seen her smile as much, never. 

What have I gotten myself into? 

She'll be heartbroken if they say no and I'll look like a freak, which I wouldn't mind because I love my sister enough to ask, but I don't want to creep them out. What if they say that they never want to talk about me again? What if they tell me to never watch their videos again? What if I ask and Dan Howell calls me a w-

I try to block the thoughts out and only then notice that Sam is staring at me weirdly. 

"You okay?" She asks me, saying it as if she was approaching a young child or a wild animal. 

I nod slowly, then turn my attention to Amnesia. She was chewing the collar of her shirt, staring off into space.

"You guys are so strange," Sam muttered. She shook her head and pulled her phone out. 

"It's a good thing to be strange. Normalness leads to sadness," Amnesia and I say in sync. 

"We really are sad people." I laugh, my eyes crinkling in the corner. 

We talk about random things, as Amnesia shows us around her newly decorated room. She re arranges everything at least once a month, even if it's just her posters. She had a similar bed sheet to Dan and Phil, but it was orange and pink. She choose those so she didn't have to choose between them and it matched her room.  

"Where's Finn?" I ask, I haven't seen him yet.

"I think he's still asleep," Amnesia explains. "I'll go check."

She checked his room, to find that he wasn't there. His green Phil sheets were left untouched, so she headed to my room. As she opened the door, you could almost see the vibe change. Hundreds of picture and posters of Dan and Phil littered the walls and ceilings, with some 5sos and other artists (like Panic! At The Disco, My Chemical Romance, Muse, Pink Floyd, Coldplay and Goriallz) spread throughout. With all of this, there was barely a inch of wall left bare, showing the true origins of a fangirl. 

You could see picture I took at concerts and screen shots for hundreds of videos. It made me cringe, but it was my history. So I left it there and my room still remanded of a teenage fangirls. There were shelfs of old books I read and movies, that I felt that weren't important enough for America. They stood on one side of my room, with posters still visible behind them. Fairly lights lined the shelfs, they would glow a positive white when I turned them in, but remained cold and invisible in the day light. 

There was a window on the other wall, clay creatures from school lining them. A black curtain sat on the sides, letting light flood the room. Everywhere else, including the window wall, were covered. A pacific poster stood out from the rest. It was a life sized poster of dan and phil standing in their black and white suits, it showed how tall they were and trust me. It was fûcking tall. 

On one side was a double bed, the sheets of Dan laid on them, just adding to the fangirlness of the room. Laying on the sheets was my twin, his mouth open and side stuffed in pot a pillow. 

"Why is he in my room?" I questioned.

"He said he missed you," Amnesia smiled sadly. 

My heart warmed at the sight and I told Amnesia to leave him be. She followed my request and left the room, before heading to skating. We said our quick goodbyes and she then hanged up. 

I headed a thud from outside the door, but it was so quick that I thought it might be my imagination. I was proven incorrect, when Lela walked through the door. 

"Morning" Sam and I smile, watching as she sat down.

"Morning." She smiled, "all the boys are eves dropping outside the door." 


Hey guys!! Sorry for not updating in like 20 million years, I'm working on it😂😂

I don't know, I just find it really hard to write fanfiction now days :/ 

Also there is a fucking poltergeist in my TV, it started making things go backwards. I'm scared for life send help




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