Broken Home

Hey mum, hey dad when did this end? When did you lose your happiness? I'm here alone inside this broken home.


2. Chapter One

•Cameron POV•

I wake up to the sound of my alarm clock at four in the morning. I just love getting up for work early. I sigh before hoping up and getting ready.

I take a quick shower then getting out and drying off. I wrap my towel around me before heading to my room and locking the door. I put on my undergarments along with a white tank top and a blue and white flannel. I put on a pair of black skinny jeans and my black vans.

I walk over to my make up table and work on my hair and makeup. I brush out my hair then outing it in a pony tail. I put on mascara and lip gloss later grabbing my things and leaving.

I pull out of the drive way and head to the music store. I actually kind of hated this job. Don't get me wrong it's great hanging out with some of the people and listening to music all day it's just my first shift is at like five until London comes in and takes over. Then school right after.

I pull into the parking lot and get out. One of my good friends Alex is already there. She was sitting on a stool listening to music.

"Alex" i say.


"Alex!" I say a little louder

Still nothing. I pull out her headphones and yell.


"What?" She ask jumping up.

"We better set up the store before London comes" I say

"You have a point" she replies grabbing a few boxes taking them to the back.

I place some new CDs and records on the shelf. We had just gotten them. I then place a brand new bass on the wall with the others before tidying up a bit. Then London comes in.

"Okay emo freaks you can leave now" she says marching behind the counter.

"See ya" Alex calls driving away.

I sigh as I head to school. I plug in my phone and blast Green Day. I head bang slightly as I approach the school. When I make it I get out and drag to my locker. I honestly had no intention of being here.

My next shift was at one - thirty. Hopefully Mr. Banks will let me out of school. He knows about my mum but not my dad or my jobs.

I sigh as I put my stuff in the locker. I grab my Science textbooks and go to class. On the way there someone basically tackles me. I turn around to see my friend Dylan. She wasn't really like my best friend but she was my friend.

"Hey Dylan" I say tiredly

"What's up Cam?" She asks


"I feel you"

She didn't really understand. She knew I woke up early but she didn't know why. She didn't know about my family. She just new me as the quite kid in her math class. The one whose locker used to be beside hers. Some how in the end we became friends. Not close but not distant.

"Well I'll see you in math" she says racing off to her class

I sigh as I flood into Science with my classmates. I decide not to pay attention because to be completely honest I don't think my teacher knows I exist. I just watch out the window as it begins to rain. It doesn't really rain here so it was interesting.

I felt someone tap my shoulder. I turn around and see a girl with a note. She whispers something, but I don't catch it so I just grab the note and turn around. I see my teacher still turned around so I open the note.

Hey party at my place. Tonight so I'll pick you up around seven. By the way meet me after first period. So we can talk

~Calum Hood <3

I pushed the note in my pocket and started to think. I haven't been to a party since I was I don't know maybe fourteen. I sigh thinking about it. I didn't even know this Calum guy and he wants to pick me up. Who does that?

The bell rings and I jolt out of my seat and leave. I tried to find someone who looked like a Calum. No one I saw did. Then I felt someone tap my shoulder.

"Cameron, right?" A boy asked

"Yes and you are?"

"Calum, Calum Hood" he smiles

"So you want me to go to your party?" I ask



"You seem chill and fun to hang out with" he answers

"Who will be there?"

"Just some guys and girls no one popular."

I sigh

"Sure here is my ad-" he cuts me off

"where is your locker?"

I roll my eyes and walk to my locker to put away my things. As I reach for my things he slowly takes my hand from the locker and closes it.

"Come with me" he says


"They want to play a prank on you"

"Who is they?"

"The football team"

"Why me?"

"They think you'd be a good target"

"Ok I'll go" I'm crazy

Before we could go some one grabbed my waist and kissed my cheek.

"See ya at lunch sweet cheeks" star football player, Mark Underwood yells running down the hall

Calum grabs my hand and we run out the building. We run to a car and we get in. I was in a state of panic. I almost never run and out of no where running scares me. I tried to catch my breath.

"You okay?" He ask.

"Yeah now let's go" I say as he pulls off

We get to a stop light and I remember my car is at school. I sigh in frustration. I picked up my phone and dialed Dylan.

"Ello?" Her calm voice came through

"Hey it's me Cameron. Do you still have the spare keys to my car?" I ask in hurry

"Yes why?"

"I need you to drive it to my house after school instead of going with your sister."

"Why aren't you here?"

"Something important came up and I left my car at school. I rode with someone else" I explain

"Okay I'll do it but you owe me"

"Sure okay bye!" I hang up and Calum gives me a weird look

"At school you seem different" he whispers

"What does that mean?"

"You seem so calm" he explains

"Well I mean you basically dragged me out of school and shoved me in your car"

"True" he sighs

"About this party, why'd you invite me?"

"I told you, you seem chill." He pulls up to a building.

He gets out and walks to the building. I open my door taking in the scenery. It felt like a place in a movie where everything was calm and peaceful.

"Come on" Calum said going in the building.

"Where are we?" I asked

"Just a friends house"

"You broke into your friends house with some girl?"

"No" he laughed

"I am visiting a friends house with you"

I roll my eyes and sit down.

"Wanna play some FIFA?" He asks

"I don't play FIFA anymore." I mutter looking around

"What?" He asks shocked

"I just don't play it anymore"

"Why? You don't like it?"

"No I used to love FIFA but I don't have the time anymore"

"Why not?"

I wanted to scream something along he lines of because my parents are too busy fighting to notice their two kids struggling! That's why!

But I didn't. I kept it in.

"I'm busy with school and stuff" I lie.

School was the least of my problems.

"Oh okay" he says grabbing a controller and starting a game.

I watch him as the minutes and hours tick by. At around one he cuts of the console and puts away the controller. I look at him confused as he grabs his phone from the side table.

"Wanna go for some pizza?" He asks.

"Sure" I say jumping up

We walk back to his car and get in. We drive to the pizza place and get out. We walk in and take our seats then ordering.

"How'd you find me?" I ask

"Oh well I just saw you one day and looked you up in our last years yearbook. Then I found out you were in my friends class so I gave them the note to give to you" he explains

"You went through that much trouble for me?" I ask shocked

"Yeah" he whispers

The waiter sets our drinks and pizza on the table. I grab a slice and eat it. Calum doesn't budge he just looks at me.

"Everything okay?" I ask

"I'm just thinking" he chuckles

"About what?"


I blush a little. Believe it or not that's the best thing anyone has ever said to me.

"I like you Cameron"

"No you don't" I say

"Why don't I?"

"You don't know me"

"Why do you think that?" He asks

"You don't know what goes on in my life therefore you don't like me"

"What if I told you I did?"

"I'd be a little creeped out but I wouldn't care as long as you didn't spread it"

"Well I know so therefore I do like you"

"Then I guess you do" I smile

He smiles before grabbing a slice of pizza. Not to long later we finish and leave. By now school is out and the pizza place isn't far from my house.

"I'll walk" I tell him as I head in that direction.

"See you at seven" he yells getting in his car.

I hurry home so I can tell my manager I didn't go because I was sick but I'll work two shifts tomorrow if needed.

I finally make it home. I run upstairs and slam my door. I call my manager and tell her what I needed to tell her. I called my other manager and told her I wasn't going because something had come up. She was nice so she said it was okay and I didn't need to lie about going to parties or hanging out with friends.

After I hung up I threw my phone on the bed. I went ahead and picked out my clothes for the morning. I grabbed a black tank top, a blue jean jacket, and black skinny jeans. I then take a quick nap.

I wake up around five. That means I have about two hours before Calum picks me up. I grab my bathroom supplies and head to the bathroom. I wash before drying off and heading back to my room.

I put on some underwear and a strapless bra. I then walk to my closet and put on my slim black dress that stops at the knees. It has lace selves and neck line.

I go to my mirror and apply red lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and blush. I decide to curl my hair and clip the top in the back.

I put on my black pumps and check the time. It's six forty-five. I have a little bit of time. I sit in my sofa that I got when I was twelve. It was pretty big. It was soft and white. I stay on the sofa until it was six fifty-eight.

I go downstairs to see my day filing papers. My mum rest on the couch. My brother, Anthony, was doing his math homework.

"Where are you going?" My mum asks

"Going out with some friends" I reply

"She probably going on a date with her boyfriend" Anthony jokes.

"I don't have a boyfriend" I say rolling my eyes

"We'll be careful" she says as there is a knock on the door.

I open it to reveal Calum. He's dressed very nicely. He looked so different.

"So much for not having a boyfriend" Anthony says walking upstairs.

I roll my eyes.

"Bye" I yell as we run outside. The door slams shut.

We get in his car and drive off.

"You look stunning" Calum mumbles.

"Thank you" I whisper looking straight forward.

We finally pull up at the party. The house wasn't huge but it wasn't small. It was enough for a good amount of people to live in.

He escorted me inside. I saw some random kids from school, and some people I had no clue existed. There was a blonde boy on the couch that me and Calum sat down on.

"Lucas my friend" Calum says

"It's just Luke and I barely know you" the blonde boy shots back

"well this is Cameron we just met today"

"It's Cameron a boys name?" He teased

"Lucas be nice to her" Calum says with a hint of attitude

"I'm just saying" Luke states looking at me

"Creep" I laugh

"You're gorgeous Cameron" he teased

"Thanks Lucas" he glared at me

"It's just Luke"

"Sure" I joke

Calum and I awkwardly sit down. Luke keeps whispering things to Calum. He acted like Calum was his best friend. Then we heard it:


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