Broken Home

Hey mum, hey dad when did this end? When did you lose your happiness? I'm here alone inside this broken home.


5. Chapter Four

•Cameron POV•

I walked up to my looker to see a note. I grabbed it opening it

Dear Cameron

Meet me under the bleachers at lunch

Love, Calum

I smiled putting the note in my pocket as I grabbed my books heading to class.

I was minding my own business until I bumped into someone. I looked up to see Luke.

"I'm so sorry" he whispered

"don't be"

"sorry for teasing you the other night"

"It's fine"

"where you headed?"


"Me too. Can I walk you?"


We walked to class silently until we were about half way there.

"um thanks again" he whispered

"no problem"

"you're really cool and I'd like to get to know you more" he smiled

"okay when?"

"how about now?" he bit his lip

I thought about the pros and cons


I could have a new best friend

I wouldn't be so lonely

Maybe he'd understand me


If Calum finds out it would probably hurt him

Calum may think I like Luke

I could end up dead

I sigh "sure"

He smiled as we walked down the hall straight past math. We got to the front and stopped. He told me his plan on getting out without our front desk lady seeing us. I nodded before we snuck out.

He took me to a bench outside that was hidden behind the bushes so we were out of sight.

"what do you want to know?" I asked

He looked me dead in the eye "everything"

I nodded "My name is Cameron"

"My name is Luke"

"I live with my parents and younger brother"

"I live with my parents and Delany"

"My life isn't as chill as it seems"

"Same here"

I stopped looking up and him. He was staring at me and I raised my eyebrows.

"How so?"

"It's complicated"


"fine my parents hate each other my brothers in jail my other brothers married and Delany isn't even my actual sister" he sighed

"then what is she?"


I nod.

"How's yours?" He asked

"my parents are the same way so I basically take care of my brother"

He sighed hugging me. I hugged him back and we stayed like that for awhile. A little while later we go back in and it's time for our next class.

"See you around" he yelled fading into a sea of people

I walked in the opposite direction with my head. I was pushed and poked but that was everyday. I made it to my locker grabbing my stuff and walking to class.

It's a filler don't hate me

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