Broken Home

Hey mum, hey dad when did this end? When did you lose your happiness? I'm here alone inside this broken home.


6. Chapter Five

•Calum POV•


I'd heard rumors about Luke hanging out with Cam all day. He was supposed to be my friend I guess. One thing is for sure - he isn't getting her. She is mine not his.

I thought up a plan to stop him. It was against any promise I'd ever made with myself but I had to. I couldn't lose her. I couldn't let blondie come in and sweep her off her feet.

I saw Luke in the hallway. He flashed me a smile as I got closer his smile faded. My plan was working.

"Hey Cal"

"Don't hey Cal me. You stay away from my girlfriend" I said

"calm down" he chuckled

I pushed him against the lockers "I said stay away from my girlfriend"

He quickly nodded his head running off.

I felt guilty and I hated what I'd done but the thought of Luke taking her from me kept entering my mind. I didn't want that and I never would. It was partly my fault for introducing them to each other.

•Cameron POV•

I hadn't seen Luke all day and I was kinda worried. I mean yeah I only just met him but under the circumstances I didn't have a clue as to what happened. I brushed it off and continued my day.

Calum ran up to me in the hallway almost knocking me down.

"woah you okay?"

"uh yeah"

I gave him a questionable look.

"wanna ditch school?"

"Calum we can't skip everyday"

"yes we can"

I thought about it. Calculus or Calum. Definitely Calum.

"okay I'll go"

we ran off to his car and drove off.

I texted Dylan who of course started being nosey.

the drive wasn't long before we pulled up to an alley way. Calum handed my a stack of blackness and grabbed one for himself. I brushed it of and unfolded it. It was a set of clothes. There was a black lace bra, a black and white flannel and black skinny jeans that were ripped pretty much everywhere you looked.

I gave him a look and he smiled all innocently. I'm pretty sure Calum has some power over me because I put on the clothes.

He drug me inside and there was a metal band playing so loud I couldn't hear anything. The smell of smoke and alcohol heavy along with sweat. I turned and realized all the people there were either kids from my school or a bunch of Anthony's friends from the middle school. I was so confused and a little on edge.

I didn't care that there were people from my school there but the fact that 11-14 year olds were there was disturbing and disgusting. I decided to pretend it didn't bother me until

"ANTHONY" I yelled at the slightly shorter but not by much newly dyed blue haired boy who had snake bits and tattoos on his arms that was oh I don't know only 13.

He turned to me "hey babe what's up"

He was drunk I could tell. Who on earth let's a 13 year old do this stuff?

"don't babe me you're gonna be in so much trouble" I balled up my fist

"calm down itll be okay" he slurred

"you know him?" Calum asked

"yeah that's my brother"

"wait little A is your brother?"

"little A?"

"yeah he's the champion of the some annual drinking contest and your son as he told us"

"drinking contest? son?"

By now I was yelling.

"Calm down Cam live a little"

"you're right"

I turned to Anthony or whoever my brother was now. I sighed as he handed me a bottle and I shook my head placing it on a nearby table walking to the back.

There was a boy sitting on the couch tuning a guitar. I sat beside him not noticing that I was staring. He looked up at me.

"Hey Cam" Michael said placing the guitar against the arm.

"Michael what are you doing here?" I asked

"oh I come here pretty often once you get passed the drugs and stuff it's actually a nice place"

"yeah not when your 13 year old brother is the drinking champion"

"little A is your brother? He's told us so much about you but he didn't say you were his sister he said you were his mom and there was this whole weird story.." He trailed off but I couldn't hear him over the loud music and my thoughts

why wouldn't he just tell them about our family? why'd he lie? what happened to him?

I wasn't sure of the answers to any of these questions and I wasn't sure I wanted to know either.

"and you believed him?"

"i mean i didnt know you till this morning and i kinda believed off of first looks but after that i sure dont...i kinda still do because you yelled at him like a mother would." he chuckled

"who did he tell?"

"everyone here"

"how many people is that?"

"bout 215"


A/N: okay i honestly have no idea where this went sorry

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