Die Young Delilah

Delilah is a young girl with a hard life, her dad is a raging alcoholic and mom isn't much better to say the least. Maybe if she keeps her head on straight everything will be okay. But the hard part is keeping her head that way. It's always hard being the challenged one huh? Not to mention Delilah is blind.


1. Delilah

        Daddy was always a rather fluctuating person. Going from Catholic to Athiest to Sober to drunk back and forth all the time, you never knew what he was going to be the next time his alarm clock went off. I was 11 when I went blind so I had a lot down-pat when it happened. Daddy said, "Delilah, go make me some hamburgers." I replied, "Daddy, I don't know how." Apparently, that wasn't good enough for my more than intoxicated father. He took me out to the girl by the upper arm and told me to use it and make him a hamburger with the meat in the fridge. I watched mom do it a lot of times so I figured that it couldn't be too difficult.

         I had gotten everything smashed out into hamburger size and heated up the grill and had just put my first meat-slab on the grill. I was walking away to grab another piece and that's when I felt a lot of heat coming from behind me, I turned around and was blown back by a giant force, or as it was later discovered as an explosion from a gasoline leak. I don't know how I survived, even my doctors said it was miracle. But it was the head trauma that caused me to go blind. When I was blown back I hit our concrete pillar head on, that's all I remember before everything went black. I woke up and I couldn't see. Screaming I told the nurses and they knew it already from the cut and blood all over the back of my head, they either expected some sort of brain damage or a disability, and I say that lightly.

         They released me a week later and I can't remember how long I spent in bed, depressed and alone. My mother, considering she was a stripper working full shifts to pay our bills and feed my brother, dad I, didn't have much time to help me out. So I went through this with my brother. Dale helped out as much as he could, he was 6 years older than me so he had other more "important" things to do. But I know he cared at least a little bit. I learned how to do things on my own. It took a few months but I found ways to tell things apart like shampoo and conditioner by the weight of the bottles, because our conditioner bottle was always heavier. Hot water was always on the left and cold on the right. I learned how to make clicking noises with my mouth to tell when things are close to me or far away. I would ask my brother what bills I got when I got paid, I folded all of them differently so I could tell the 5's and 10's apart from each other. I had a system. When I got to the age where I got a cell phone I had it set up to read every text message I got out loud to me and tell me who was calling.

         But everything changed when I started high school.


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