Babysat by a Grier

My name is Isabelle Grace Anderson, I'm 17. My brothers name is Ethan Jace Anderson, he's 23. He works as a Navy SEAL (SEa, Air, Land) which is why I don't see him much.
But this is my story.


3. Tour

Isabelle's POV

I took Nash upstairs first so that he could see his room but also put his bag in his room and the bathroom he will use. (Guest Room---- Nash's bathroom he will use---- I took him to the gaming room. (Gaming Room---- After that I took him to the lounge room. (Lounge Room---- I took him to the pool. (Pool---- I also showed him my dad's room and Ethan's room. (Ethan Room---- Room----

"So who is Ethan? Is he like your boyfriend or something?" He asked as I helped him put all his clothes in the wardrobe. "What? No! He's my brother but I barely see him since he works as a Navy SEAL" I laughed a little since he thought my brother was my boyfriend. "Besides i don't think my dad would let my boyfriend live in this house anyway" I said passing him his grey shirt, "but what if your dad like the guy?" Nash said putting the shirt on a hanger. "Depends on what he is like, cause my dad wouldn't let me date a guy that had tattoos or piercings" I said closing his bag and passing it to him so that he could put it somewhere. "So if it was me would he?" he asked suddenly, I walked over to the bed and sat on it looking at him. "I don't know I barely know anything about you!" I said as he walked over and laid on the bed next to me on his back. "Well what do you want to know?" Nash asked putting his hands behind his head and putting one knee up.

"Do you have any siblings?" I asked looking behind me, "yeah. I have two brothers, Hayes is younger and Will is older. Then I have a younger sister Skylynn" he said making his hair into a quiff. "Really? Wow and I thought my life was hard with Ethan!" I laughed. "Nah, Sky is easy to live with, Hayes just keeps me on my toes and with Will he's just funny" he said shrugging his shoulders, "Do you wanna go for a swim?" I asked standing up and pointing to his door. "Sure why not" Nash said getting off the bed and going to his wardrobe. "Cool meet me there" i said running to my room to change into my bathing suit.


Hey guys how ya going? I'm proud of myself I have finished 3 chapters in 1 day! :D 

Here's one more link! In the next chapter I will put what Nash and Izzy will be wearing.

 Front of House----

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