Babysat by a Grier

My name is Isabelle Grace Anderson, I'm 17. My brothers name is Ethan Jace Anderson, he's 23. He works as a Navy SEAL (SEa, Air, Land) which is why I don't see him much.
But this is my story.


4. Pool and Movie Snuggle

Nash's POV

I took out my favorite board shorts and quickly changed but left my shirt off. I remember where to go to get outside in the backyard, I hope Isabelle will be wearing something really cute. I really like her from the moment I saw her I got a weird warmness in my chest I don't even know what it was cause Iv'e never liked a girl like this before. I think I should ask Gilinsky about it. 

Isabelle's POV

I got my bathing suit and quickly put it on grabbing a towel from my wardrobe. I ran down the stairs and out to the backyard to see that Nash was already in the pool doing a handstand, I laughed and put my towel down on the pool chair so it doesn't get wet if we splash. I sat on the edge and put my legs in, the water was warm but had a cool tinge to it. Nash came up to the surface for a breath to see me sitting on the edge, he swam over and put his arms on the edge of the pool next to me. "Come in, your the one who asked if I wanted to go swimming or not" he laughed nudging my knees a bit, I smiled and slid into the water and going under to quickly swim away from him. After I swam all the way over to the other side of the pool I went up for air but to not see Nash anywhere, I turned around in a circle trying to find him but with no luck. I felt something tickling my foot so I screamed and kicked the way the thing was, Nash came out the water really fast and he looked like he was in pain. "What did you do that for?" he said moving to the edge and holding onto it, "I'm sorry! I'm just really ticklish and i thought it was a bug or something so I tried kicking it away!" I said moving closer to him to see if he was ok. "Fuck that hurts, I think I'm bleeding!" Nash said resting his head on the pool edge, "where did I kick you?" I asked putting my hand on his back. "Where it hurts the most on guys" he whispered looking at me through his elbow. "oh my god! I'm so so so sorry. I didn't mean to!" I said rubbing his back hoping it would take his mind off the pain, "it's ok it'll just hurt for a few minutes or so. Do you wanna swim a bit more?" he asked. "Sure just don't tickle me again if I were you" I laughed. We swam for hours until it got dark so we went inside and watched some movies in my room. We watched Paranormal Activity 6, Nash chose it, to be honest I hated scary movies so most of the time I was hiding my face in Nash's chest, I think I might actually like him even if he is my babysitter. 


Hey guys here is what Nash and Izzy wore in the pool and what they wore when they watched movies

Izzy Comfy----
Izzy Pool----
Nash Pool----

Nash Comfy----

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