Babysat by a Grier

My name is Isabelle Grace Anderson, I'm 17. My brothers name is Ethan Jace Anderson, he's 23. He works as a Navy SEAL (SEa, Air, Land) which is why I don't see him much.
But this is my story.


9. His Friends

Nash's POV


I woke up with Isabelle's head on my chest sleeping peacefully, my phone started ringing First Of The Year by Skrillex. I stretched over Izzy to grab my phone, I pressed the green button without looking at the Caller ID. "Hello?" I asked as Isabelle started shifting around, "hey Nash what are ya doing today?" Cameron said cheerfully, "dude why are you calling so early?" I asked as Isabelle got out of bed and headed over to her bathroom. "Dude its like 10:30, what are you doing still in bed? Jeez dude even if its the holidays you could at least hang with us" he replied, I heard the toilet flush before Izzy walked out wearing my shirt. "I can't Cam I have to babysit" I said turning around onto my gut, "well can we at least come over to the baby's house?" Cameron said. "Fine I guess" I sighed looking at Isabelle at her desk writing something, "cool see ya in five" cam said before hanging up, I quickly sent the address to Cam before groaning then I pushed my face into the pillow.


"What happened?" Izzy said as I felt the bed shift saying that she either sat or laid down, "some of my friends are coming over, if that's ok with you" I said sighing again looking at her. "If so then I better get ready" she said getting up again and going back into the bathroom, I got up and grabbed a shirt out of my bag that Ethan put in here from the Guest Bedroom. I walked into the bathroom to see Izzy putting make-up on, I grabbed the brush thingy out of her hand and put it on the counter. "You don't need make-up their not judgmental" I whispered in her ear while looking at her in the mirror. "I know but--" the doorbell cut her off, I groaned and quickly kissed her cheek before jogging towards the front door.


"NASH!" all the guys yelled as soon as I opened the door, there stood Cameron, Gilinsky, Shawn and Matthew standing there with smug looks on their faces. "Well hello there, what is your name?" Shawn said looking over my shoulder. I turned around and saw Isabelle standing there looking at her feet with a slight blush on here cheeks, "lay off Shawn that's my girlfriend your talking to. Guys this is Isabelle" I said walking over to her and putting my arm around her shoulders. "Well where is this baby your suppose to be babysitting?" Gilinsky asked looking around as Matthew closed the door, I sighed and looked at the guys. "Isabelle is the girl I'm babysitting" I said as all their jaws dropped practically to the floor.


Hey guys sorry for not updating in a while guess I just got to busy. Hope you liked this chapter! :)

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