Babysat by a Grier

My name is Isabelle Grace Anderson, I'm 17. My brothers name is Ethan Jace Anderson, he's 23. He works as a Navy SEAL (SEa, Air, Land) which is why I don't see him much.
But this is my story.


11. Date?

Nash's POV

The boys had just left which means it's just me and Izzy again, she was up in her room doing whatever girls do while I'm cleaning up the mess that me and the guys made from our previous food fight that ended up with Izzy getting mad and putting popcorn in our hair. My punishment was cleaning the whole lounge room by myself, and I got yelled at in front of the all the guys and she made me apologize to everyone before we finished watching the movie. Lately I've been thinking about one thing and one thing only that has to do with Isabelle and me, nothing bad or disgusting but nice in a way. 


I slowly walked up to Izzy's room before quietly knocking and walking in to her room to find her back to me and looking at her phone reading something, I walked up behind her. "Hey" I whispered in her ear making her jump and turn around before rolling off the bed, "NASH THAT'S NOT FUNNY!" She screamed jumping up from the floor and storming over to me before hitting my chest with her tiny hands. "Is that supposed to hurt me?" I asked laughing as she looked up at me growling before giggling and jumping on the bed sighing, "I want to ask you something" I said walking over to the bed and sitting down next to her with my head on a pillow. "Shoot" Isabelle replied reading whatever she was reading on her phone again, "will you go on a date with me?" I asked putting my hand under my head my she looked up at me.


"What?" She whispered sitting up and looking at me with wide eyes as if I were a ghost or something, "never mind, it was a stupid thing anyway" I said getting off the bed and retreating to my room before locking the door and falling face first into the too comfy pillows. She didn't agree, maybe I'm moving this relationship to fast I thought as I heard faint footsteps run down the stairs meaning that Isabelle was going somewhere, she doesn't even tell me where she's going I sighed before pulling the covers over me as tears rolled down my face making it harder to fall asleep.


Haha! New chapter that has been waiting for AGES to be posted 

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