Babysat by a Grier

My name is Isabelle Grace Anderson, I'm 17. My brothers name is Ethan Jace Anderson, he's 23. He works as a Navy SEAL (SEa, Air, Land) which is why I don't see him much.
But this is my story.


1. Bad News

Isabelle's POV

My door opened for me to see my brother Ethan standing there with a unreadable face. "Hey Roo" he said walking over to my bed, I moved my textbooks and laptop out the way so he could sit down. It's the holidays and my dad was getting ready to go on a business trip back to Ireland which was where we used to live with my mum, until she cheated on dad with another guy  while dad was away. So me and Ethan told the court that we wanted to stay with dad and so he got full custody of us, but this was when I was about 14 so yeah. "When did you get back?" I asked him crossing my legs so I was in front of him, "two days ago" Ethan sighed putting his elbows on his knees and leaning forward. "But...why didn't you tell me? Why didn't Abe come and visit?" I asked. "Abe's not here" Ethan whispered looking at me with a blank face, "I don't get it" I said moving closer to him. "How can you not get it? He's never coming back...and it's all my fault" he said as tears fell down his face, 'he's dead' I thought to myself.

I felt warmness go down my cheeks at the thought of never seeing Abe again, "how d-did he d-d-die?" I stuttered. "I was on a roof with Marcus, I was looking out for them as they went building to building. Marcus asked me a question so I looked at him and answered but when I did a gun went off. I looked down and saw a couple of guys shooting our guys, I took them down but saw someone laying on the ground and guess who it was" he said looking at me. "Abe" I answered back, "yep. I ran down to him and looked at him straight in the eyes, i could tell he wasn't going to make it. Before he died he told me to give an engagement ring to his girlfriend and told me to give you his dog tag. He said that he loved you like you were his own sister and said that he was sorry he left for this tour without saying goodbye, he tried ringing your phone but it went straight to message-bank before he went into the building he died in" Ethan said quietly.

More tears ran down my face I crawled into Ethan's lap and hugged him tightly like he would leave me as well, "I forgot to tell you. I'm staying at Toby's house for a few days just to tell him what happened and dad is leaving for his trip tomorrow which means that I won't be here, oh yeah and dad is getting a babysitter for you" Ethan said laughing a little while wiping away his tears. I looked at him like he was crazy, "but I'm 17 I don't need a sitter" I said getting off Ethan's lap and going towards the door to tell dad off.


So I hope this was good because it made me cry when I was writing how Abe died! :(

Here is some links to help with stuff! :) Izzy is Isabelle's nickname!

Izzy Room----
Izzy Look----
Ethan Look----
Dad Look----
Mum Look----,xcitefun-odette-yustman-1.jpg

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