Kylie got in a car crash after Ashton cheated on her.

Once she found out, she broke a framed picture of her and Ashton.

He called her ugly. He said that he didn't know why he fell for her.

He lied.

But what happens when he tries to get her back?

|Sequel to Cuts|


12. 9

Ashton's POV

"You don't remember me?" I asked.

"No not really." Kylie said. "Should I remember you?"

"Yeah. Kinda. I'm Ashton. I'm kinda your ex." I said awkwardly scratching the back of my neck.

"Why did we break up?" Kylie asked.

"Well I'll tell you when you get your memories back." I said.

Then Luke came in.

"Where are my parents?" Kylie asked.

"About them..." I said.

"Their in jail." Luke said.

"Why?" Kylie asked.

"Well let's just say that they abused you. Telling you that you were a mistake. You called the police and they sent you to Australia to live with your aunt. Then your parents were arrested." Luke said.

"Then where's my aunt?" Kylie asked.

"She died." I said.

"Oh." Was all that Kylie said.

"Why do I have all these scars on my wrists and legs? And why do I have a bruise on my stomach?" Kylie asked.

"Well,you were bullied and depressed. You wanted to kill yourself. That's why you have those scars. Your ex boyfriend here in California abused you. That's why you have the bruise." I said.

"Oh." Kylie said.

Calum's POV

I went to the lobby to help Michael bring in somethings he got for Kylie.

When I got down there,I saw Michael,Maya,Riley,and Emily.

They all had 3 huge stuffed bears.

Oh God.

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