Kylie got in a car crash after Ashton cheated on her.

Once she found out, she broke a framed picture of her and Ashton.

He called her ugly. He said that he didn't know why he fell for her.

He lied.

But what happens when he tries to get her back?

|Sequel to Cuts|


5. 4

Ashton's POV

"Kylie I know you probably can't hear me but I just want to say something." I said. "When you wake up,if you wake up, I want to say that I'm sorry. Sorry for everything. I'm sorry for hurting you. I'm sorry I made you feel unloved. I love you. I love you so much that I would take a bullet for you. I'd kill myself for you. I'd do anything for you. Bryana wasn't worth it. She isn't worth you getting hurt. Your the one for me. With you, I feel actually happy. But I hurt you. Now your in the hospital because of me."

I got a call from Luke.

"Hey Ash what happened and where are you? Where's Kylie?" Luke said.

"I'm at the hospital." I said.

"What happened to you?" Luke asked.

"Nothing happened to me." I said.

"Then-no. What happened to Kylie!" Luke said.

"She got in a car accident. She's in a coma." I said.

"I'm on my way." Luke said and hung up.

I'm dead.

Luke's POV

He's so dead.

I started to head to the hospital.

Ashton had sent me the address.

I asked the lady at the front desk.

I headed up the elevator.

I went into the room.

Kylie was laying in the bed. Ashton was sitting next to her and he was holding her hand.

Ashton's eyes were puffy and red.

Kylie looked so...broken. Dead.

"Ashton...." I said.

"Luke,before you kill me,I just want to say that I didn't know how and what happened." Ashton said.

"Hmm well maybe this happened because you cheated on Kylie?" I said sarcastically.

"Luke, I didn't mean to." Ash said.

"Okay so you didn't mean to kiss another girl,bring her to the bus,sit her on your lap,agree with her that Kylie was ugly,and then say that you didn't know why you fell in love with her?" I said.

"Luke I-" Ashton was saying.

"Save it Ash. You know how much I cared about her." I said.

Then I left.

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