Kylie got in a car crash after Ashton cheated on her.

Once she found out, she broke a framed picture of her and Ashton.

He called her ugly. He said that he didn't know why he fell for her.

He lied.

But what happens when he tries to get her back?

|Sequel to Cuts|


3. 2

Ashton's POV

Kylie's in the hospital. Because it's all my fault.

"Which hospital?" I asked.

"Mount Sini."

I hung up and handed Luke his phone back.

I ran.

I'm running from something.

I'm running back to Kylie.


I burst through the hospital doors.

"What room is Kylie Morgan in?" I asked the lady at the front desk.

"Room 108" the lady responded.

I ran to the elevator.

When I got to her room I was her laying on a bed.

Wires were connected to her arms.

She looked so...broken.

She was sleeping.

Then the doctor came in the room.

"Is she going to be okay?" I asked.

"Well,she's in a coma."

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