Kylie got in a car crash after Ashton cheated on her.

Once she found out, she broke a framed picture of her and Ashton.

He called her ugly. He said that he didn't know why he fell for her.

He lied.

But what happens when he tries to get her back?

|Sequel to Cuts|


22. 17

Kylie's POV

"Ash I'm hungry." I said.

I haven't eaten in a while.

He picked me up and took me to the kitchen.

At the kitchen we saw Luke and Jasmine.

"Oh my God Kylie what happened to you? Did your parents beat you up again because you're a worthless piece of shit?" Jasmine laughed.

My eyes teared up at horrible memories.

"Get her the fuck away from me." I said through gritted teeth.

"Jasmine I didn't ask you to visit me. I asked for my mother to visit me." Luke said.

"Aren't you happy to see me Luke?" Jasmine asked innocently.

"No. Why would I be." Luke snapped.

"I figured you'd be happy to look at your much better sister." Jasmine said.

"Get the fuck out of my house!" I yelled.

"Bitch your fat ass doesn't own me!" Jasmine said.

"Jasmine that's enough just leave!" Ashton said.

I could tell he was getting angry.

"Oh Ash,didn't you just miss me?" Jasmine said and put her hand on Ashton's cheek.

"No,so get the fuck out." Ashton said.

"Don't worry baby I'll give you a blowjob later." Jasmine winked.

"Ash put my down." I said and he did.

"Listen you fucking cunt. You stay the fuck away from my house,from Luke,from Michael,from Calum,and especially Ashton. Go do something with your low ass life for once." I stepped closer and closer to her as I said this.

She looked at me in shock.

After that,she finally left.

I turned to Ashton and Luke and they were both surprised.

"Kylie,do you remember something about her?" Luke asked.

"Luke I remember everything." I said.

"Then who am I to you?"

"Your my brother."

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