Kylie got in a car crash after Ashton cheated on her.

Once she found out, she broke a framed picture of her and Ashton.

He called her ugly. He said that he didn't know why he fell for her.

He lied.

But what happens when he tries to get her back?

|Sequel to Cuts|


21. 16

Kylie's POV

I joined Ash in the shower.

He helped me with everything! Washing my body,putting on my underwear and my pjs.

God I missed him.

This world is fucked up.

That's why I don't want to live in it anymore.

But why am I still living in it?

I know why.

Because someone is keeping me alive.

And that person,is Ashton.

He makes me feel like I'm worth something. That I should be living.

He's the person that I love. I'm never letting go of him.

Hey guys so quick update! I'm soooooo sorry that I've been so inactive! I've been busy with school and stuff. So many things have happened this year and I can't wait for the summer. I promise that I will be updating more now even tho you all probably hate me! Check out my newest story Mad Hatter |M•C|


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