The Rest Of Us

Only a few of us are left.
Wealthy families run this place called Earth.
The families that aren't wealthy have basically became extinct.
I was with a small few of us but, now they're gone and I'm stuck with him a Wealthy; Harry Styles.


4. I know what you're doing

The letter was sent out days later without Harry's knowledge. He handed my the mail he needed sent out for the week and I simply stuck mine into the pile. I prayed that Joe would get it without getting caught and a small part of me hoped he could write back.

The week went by slowly, most of the documents that I read over didn't need any marking and not one of the documents seemed important enough to have proper punctuation and grammar. Many of the documents were just about expanding land and gaining more of the poor. It seemed to me that several of the poor that Harry had were young females.

I walked into Harry's office directly after breakfast and we did the daily routine. He would yell and tell me not to screw anything up, hand me some documents, ask for some coffee, then lock me in 'my' office for the rest of the day.

Harry Styles definitely did not seem like the man to pursue a conversation with one of his many owned people. Not one girl mentioned having an actual deep conversation with him and I'm not surprised. His heart is stone.

Today the work put into the documents seemed sloppy almost ever paper needed several markings paragraph by paragraph. The third document that I looked over caught my attention. It was about both females and males. But it was different. "These females will do what is ordered of them by their personal master in order to maintain a healthy diet and a healthy pregnancy." No? This can't be right? Poor women aren't allowed to get pregnant are they? Unless.

I walked across the hall and threw open Harry's door without a knock. "What the hell is this?" I spoke through closed teeth.

"I think you know what it is, sweetheart."

"It's sick Harry absolutely sick." He simply smiled and laughed "There is nothing sick about this. It saves me unnecessary trips out looking for people like you."

"People like me? We are still people! Girls are not sex toys that you can use to reproduce hen toss them aside when their child is well suited enough for you." He rose out of his seat looking intimidating as ever but I wasn't even close to backing down not now.

"The girls will be well enough for this. I, we, will make sure of that." I physically laughed in his face with tears striking my eyes "You think some teenage girl will be well enough for birth? You will make her endure a large amount of pain only to tell her she can't be a mother anymore when you want to take control of the child. Nobody will ever be well enough for that."

He sat back down in his leather chair, rolled his shoulders back, and fixed his jacket. "You're upset now but dear Kaylynn" he made a tsk sound then shook his head back and forth "you haven't even finished the document." he smirked and rose his hand as if showing me the way out. I took a deep breath and turned to leave. "Oh and Kaylynn you talk to me like that again and I will pin you against that wall you're looking at." With that I hurried out his office and into my own. I sat back into my chair looking into the document once again.

"The girls with maintain ages between 16-26. No man will be over a 7 year age difference. The men will only be anarchy men, we will not make room for more poor. The children will sleep in the room with their mother until they are potty trained, off a bottle and/or pacifier, and can understand their own surroundings. 
It is forbidden for a man to get attached to their assigned girl. Once the child is of age they will live with the anarchy man until they are a legal adult. They will be financially supported by the father and will not be allowed to be left on the side of the road with nothing.
If the girls remain in the age range they will be asked to give birth to a second child. After a women's second child they will no longer be able to have anymore and will be out of the system. 
The following women that would be suited for this are listed below:

"No. No." I whispered to myself and aloud. He can't do this to me. He can't. Tears streamed down my face. I read the last sentence "These women will find out their assigned man a week from today."

With that I broke. I can't lose the only thing I have left to a man who has no respect for me. Noah. Noah, is who I'm supposed to be with. Noah, is supposed to be the father of my first born child. I rose quietly from my chair and collected all the documents I looked over for today deciding it was time to be done for the day. I walked quietly into Harry's office with a soft knock on his door. I knew my face was red and my eyes were slightly swollen along with the water that has collected along the bottom. He took one look at my face and it seemed to give him some satisfaction but he also seemed to be full of something I couldn't figure out.

"I think I'm done for today." I whispered while I handed him the papers. He nodded his head and grabbed the small stack. I faced the door and heard him get up from his seat. I squeezed my eyes shut praying he would leave me be. But, he grabbed my hand and turned me to face him then he took my face into both hands and looked into my now open eyes. "I will keep you away from the bad ones I promise." He whispered his minty breath hitting me in the face.

"Keep me away by keeping me out of it Harry." I cried then pushed his hands away from me. He looked almost stunned but I didn't care. I ran out of the room and didn't look back.

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