The Rest Of Us

Only a few of us are left.
Wealthy families run this place called Earth.
The families that aren't wealthy have basically became extinct.
I was with a small few of us but, now they're gone and I'm stuck with him a Wealthy; Harry Styles.


5. I hate you Harry Styles

I didn't bother showing up for my "job" for almost a week and Harry didn't seem to mind. I didn't even bother going down for breakfast, Sydney usually brought my meals to me direct orders from Harry which was surprisingly nice of him. Figured he would let me starve but then again due to this Women Giving Birth system he has yet to make an announcement on he's trying to maintain a healthy weight and a healthy female.

Right on cue there was a knock on my door around 9 a.m. Sydney was not carrying my meal with her but had a concerned look. "Harry has ordered every girl to be down at breakfast this morning." I held my breath and felt all the color drain. This was it today was the day that I no longer belonged to myself. Not that I belonged to myself much anyway.

We walked quietly down the hallway and I looked at my beautiful and amazingly young friend. Little did she know that she'd be giving birth within a year. Her innocent spirit had absolutely no idea and it broke me right into two pieces.

The dining room was packed wall to wall. Never once did I realize how many girls actually stayed here. There was a wooden deck with a single microphone on a stand and before it stood Harry. As he held eye contact with me I released a single tear and then he looked away with a look of what.. Guilt?

He tapped twice making sure the microphone worked properly. "Good morning everyone. This mornings announcement will take quite a bit of time so if you could all be seating." Girls sat down on floors, chairs, and tables. I made sure to grab a seat next to Sydney knowing that she'll need me when her name is announced.

"My friends, or as some of you say 'masters', and I. Have agreed upon a system that will keep our own households alive and keep our names alive. A few of some of you have been chosen to help us with that. Of course that means some of you will be leaving but, when my friends visit so will you. Ladies you will be giving us a child. A beautiful baby to carry on my/our family name. Here are our rules: You must maintain a healthy diet to keep your body and our baby healthy, The men will not get attached to you so don't think otherwise, Around the age 3 or 4 the baby will be sent to stay with the father to be financially supported, You must stay in the room with your man during your pregnancy, Make us aware of any complications, and you are not allowed to be with any other man during this time." He paused to look at the reaction on many girls faces. I made sure to keep mine solid.

His friends joined him up on the wooden deck. "When your name is called please come up and stand next to your new man."
"Sydney you have been placed with Louis." 
I gave her small hand a squeeze and she squeezed her eyes shut and did what she was told. "Brooklyn you have been placed with Ashton, Dianna please stand here next to Liam, Crista you will be with Louis, Kylie you've been put with Niall, Mia come join Luke, and Kaylynn you'll be joining me." Gasps were heard around the room including one that came from myself. I'll keep you away from the bad ones. So this was his plan to keep my away? Does he not understand?

I walked onto the stage standing beside him as he continue to speak. I was given both looks of pity and looks of envy. How could someone possibly envy this? Besides Harry looking like well.. Harry. I didn't even realize he stopped talking until he grabbed my hand and started pulling my off the deck. When we were a distance away I stopped and looked at him anger once again dwelling up. "What the hell Harry?"

"What!?" He yelled. "You're staying here you're not with someone else, what more could you possibly want?"

"You told me you'd keep me away." A tear started to escape but I quickly wiped it away. He nodded "Yes. I told you I'd keep you away from the bad ones."

"..and that's where you made a mistake Harry because you are one of the bad ones." I turned and left him standing frozen in the hallway.

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