The Unexpected *Completed*

Its called 'The Unexpected' why would you expect a description ? A group of teens join a boarding school until mysterious things start to happen . People start to go missing and the teens have to .... I hope you didn't expect the rest . -I do not own these pictures-


6. Chapter 6

A/N: so my chapters are kinda getting long and never ending so I'm cutting so of my chapters shorter starting now, most of all thanks for 700+ reads😍😻😻⭐️

•Aaron's POV•

On our way to IHOP we saw a little stray kitten on the street, Riley the dumbest of all who I really thought was smarter than this picked up the cat. Rabies to her! She snuggled it in her purse and I was just disgusted. But at IHOP I had to share my news with them, I wasn't leaving! Ha!! My dad talked with the principal on how I am very impetuous so the principal said he'd help me work on it and I could stay. See I would tell them now but would I tell them later when we're or give up a chance to eat breakfast while they don't know.

•Chloe's POV•

We arrived at IHOP and put our umbrellas behind big trees outside so they could dry. "Party of 5 please", Riley said to the lady at the front. She stared at each of us then gave us our menus and led us to a big booth. "Smells good in here", Jacob said, he's such a weirdo. "Hi my name is Sydney and I'll be starting you all off today, would you like to start of with drinks?", A short skinny girl who looks like 19 said to us. "Can we all have Watermelon Lemonades?", Riley said.

•Aaron's POV•

"Hol up wait a minute let me smack some sense in it!", I yelled who was Riley to get me a WATERMELON lemonade knowing I hate watermelon?! "I would like an orange juice with no pulp and extra chunky ice",I said scanning through my menu. They all looked at me like I was childish, what? This 19 year old wasn't trained for nothing! "I'll be back with your drinks and I'll take your order then", Sydney our waitress said. I waited a few minutes until she left then started talking. "She didn't even ask us if we wanted to order now", I said shaking my head. "Aaron, you don't even know what you want!", Riley said getting angry scanning her menu. "2 by 2 combo with Strawberry, Banana Pancakes like always", I said squinting at her. "Well maybe other people want to change it up", Riley said. It's hilarious because she's the only one picking and choosing her arguments with me like I'm doing something wrong she doesn't see them complaining! I decided to tell them the great news when our food came so until then we colored on our coloring book menus Jacob stole when we were walking to the server.

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