The Unexpected *Completed*

Its called 'The Unexpected' why would you expect a description ? A group of teens join a boarding school until mysterious things start to happen . People start to go missing and the teens have to .... I hope you didn't expect the rest . -I do not own these pictures-


4. Chapter 4


*dinner time*  

•Peyton's POV•  

I'm the reason Jasmine is missing?They have to be kidding me during this "after dinner meeting" were going to have to talk about friendship and trust because some of us are having some serious issues *cough* *cough*. We all sat at our regular table with Rodger again. He talked about him cooking and random stuff, no one was really paying attention to him. The principal came by and looked at Rodger then asked him to speak to him in private. "What if it's about Jasmine?", Riley said. "Calm down..for all we know she left the school probably didn't like it, found somewhere else or family issues", I said eating my steak. "Peyton's right, I mean it's just one girl", Jacob said taking some of my rice. I shot him a look and he chuckled. "I'm hungry", he said. "Eat your own food!", I said taking some of his mixed fruit. "Awe man now I have no food of my own", Jacob said poking out his bottom lip. I just shook my head and continued eating.  

•Riley's POV•   Jacob is such a baby..I  got up and walked back to the restroom which I barely go to if it's not my dorm room bathroom. "Hey Riley have you seen Hope?", A group of girls asked me. "No....." I said dragging my letters and this time it wasn't on purpose I was really scared. "She was here a while ago but now she's gone", they replied.  

•Aaron's POV•   Rileys taking forever in the restroom, I wonder if she's jealous of Chloe and Jacob. No one has a brain to know that they are dating. Every one is trying to solve this mystery but it's probably a distraction for Chloe and Jacob. I hope they at least read one book over the summer because they're sounding like little children who haven't even started school. Riley came back running to the table like she fount a million dollars. I hope she slips on a banana peel .  " missing", she said dragging and mumbling her words panting out of breath. I could barely understand her but Chloe was panicking as well. I continued to eat my food because they are getting on my nerves I thought this school was full of smart people.   •

•Jacobs POV•   Once I saw Riley running back I already knew something was wrong. Rodger hadn't come back and neither had Riley in a long time I bet Aaron is thinking about a whole bunch of random stuff. "How do you know she's gone", Chloe said concerned. "A group of girls came to me in the restroom and asked me if I saw her and I said no and they said she just went missing ", Riley said out of breath. "Hey can I have a fruit gummy", Aaron asked me changing the subject. He's such an idiot...I handed him the whole bag and he started clapping to himself like a big baby.   *after dinner*  

•Chloe's POV•  

I'm kind of getting scared to come to this school now but it's only 2 people missing so I'll see what happens. I plopped down on a purple bean bag and waited for everyone to come back. "Ok so the meeting starts in 3 minutes and Rodger will be back", Riley said. We all nodded in sync then Aaron walked in with carts, mini machines, ink, stamps and stickers. "Alright if were going to do this were going to have to do it right DNA test, finger prints, magnifying glass clues you name it I've got it", he said Latin things out on the table. "Aaron we have to do this secretive", Riley said. "Ok let's go tell the principal", Aaron responded. "No! If we tell then the case wouldn't be on us", Riley said. "He has a point, we could be in some serious trouble if this case went crime serious and they fount out we knew and didn't tell anyone", Peyton said. "I agree", Jacob said drinking his soda. "Anybody else?", Peyton asked. "I do", I said in a cheery voice.  Riley just rolled her eyes and said whatever. "You don't have to get mad it's just an idea Riley", Aaron said bending down to her level getting in her face. "I'm not getting mad Aaron", Riley said putting her head down. "I believe you, now your probably the reason why Jasmin and Hope are missing", Aaron said walking back to his chair. "Guys lets just go to the principals office and tell him what's going on", I said. We walked to the principals office and saw Rodger on the way, "You can just put the snacks in our room we will be back", I said.

•Aaron's POV•

Riley needs to leave before she gets slapped in her face, I never said it would be me. We all walked to the principals office and Chloe said he could put the snacks in the room. "Principal Miguel, sorry for interrupting but we have concerns about the school, two people Hope and Jasmin they went missing recently", Peyton said knocking on his door. "It's called knock...wait to go in then walk in!", I said upset, I hate when people do that especially my stepmom😒. A/N: I know Aaron I hate when people do that too. Mr.Miguel just laughed but it was fake even a cat could tell. "Well does everyone know she's missing", Mr.Miguel asked. "Technically not because if you knew instead of asking questions you would've been saying you took care of it", I said. "Right", Mr.Miguel said looking at his computer. "Mr.Miguel this calls for you undivided attention", Riley said looking at him above his computer. "I was pulling up a roster to see if she's still in our system", he said. I coughed twice then said lying in between. Mr.Miguel looked up and shook his head, there still in our system but counted tardy for each of there classes including lunch we will make this a serious case", Mr.Miguel said closing his laptop and looking at us. "Oh come on, for all we know they left because this school sucks and they need to go to somewhere where they actually get education and not learn about mystery stuff", I said. "Aaron,how about you leave and go to another school and have a good education there", Mr.Miguel said putting glasses on. "Ok, watch when I go to college and you people are still in 9th grade! Studying basic stuff and coloring in worksheets, see you working on the street!", I said waving to them and leaving the room. A/N: Dang Aaron. I walked back to my room and my brain started to mix around giving me a headache and my stomach was twisting and turning. It's like my insides were going everywhere and I couldn't control it, I tried my hardest but I couldn't control it at all. I then realized why it was happening. I didn't want to go back home with my stepmom and be miserable to the point where I wanted to trash all of her stuff and throw them out of the house. I can't believe I just made that move, I can't believe I said that to my principal. A/N: You probably hate me right now😬.



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