The Unexpected *Completed*

Its called 'The Unexpected' why would you expect a description ? A group of teens join a boarding school until mysterious things start to happen . People start to go missing and the teens have to .... I hope you didn't expect the rest . -I do not own these pictures-


2. Chapter 2

 ~Peyton's POV~


On the way to my new boarding school that I was starting my mom turned around and looked at me from the front seat. I had a bobby pin in my hand and a key trying to make the key and the bobby pin one contraption I fiddled with it and stared out of the window. My name is Peyton Cosby I'm 14 and I love to make things. I have to start a new school this year because there are no good Christian based high schools that offer a good education and an excelled program with clubs but Witchsetter High a boarding school that looks pretty cool in my opinion. That's the boarding school I'm going to for a whole year and if I like it I'll stay. "My baby sister Paige who is just 6 months wiggled around in her car seat and started babbling. "Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa PAIGE", I said singing to her, Paige just giggled and kicked her feet. "Well we are here", my dad said letting out a deep sigh. We sat in the car silent for 5 minutes, Paige joined in on the silence. I grabbed a rubber band and a pencil and tried to make a yo-yo pencil but my rubber bands were not long enough. "Alright let's get you settled", My dad said opening the car door and grabbing some of my small stuff that wasn't in the trunk.




~Chloe's POV~


"Chloe, wake up", my mom tapped my leg. I shook awake and sat up in my chair I cracked codes on my phone then fell back asleep. "Chloe we are here", my mom said shaking me again. "My dad helped me carry stuff outside and I brought my teacup Shih Tzu Oreo with me because its an animal friendly school. My name is Chloe Crest I'm 13 1/2 and this year I'm starting a new school. I'm pretty bummed out about it because I won't be at home doing what I do best which is mess around with technology. I heard that some of my best friends were going but Its not certain so. We walked around the dorm administration and they told me I had room 34 on level C with 2 other girls. "Alright sweetie, were going to leave you now be safe and see you on Dec. 25th", my mom said kissing my cheek and hugging me. My dad kissed my forehead and gave me a knuckle punch "Bye bumblebee", he added on walking off. I pulled my suitcases into the proper room and there was a girl who was light skin, skinny, had freckles, strawberry blonde hair that stopped at her waist and had boxes in front of her. "Guess I'm your roommate", I said not realizing it was Riley but when I did I jumped on her and we talked the whole entire time"I didn't think you were going to come", Riley said. "Me neither, but here I am", I responded. I packed my stuff on one side of the room and in the closet. A girl who had short brown hair, she was light skin, and had the cutest lightish dark blue eyes. "Peyton!", Riley said hugging her. "Hey guys, breakfast starts in a minute", Peyton said hugging us.

•Aaron's POV•

I'm Aaron Culney, I love soccer, I'm 14 and I was excited to get out of the house and leave my stepmom. She's super rude and annoying, plus she always thinks she's my mom..I don't have to respect her one but because she doesn't respect me but I'm done and tired of her so I'm excited to leave. My dad is always saying I need to treat her like family but she's not! I got my suitcase and rolled it in seeing Jacob listening to Music on his beats headphones and tapping his 2 drumsticks on the bunk bed. "Jacob!!", I said dapping him. "What's up bro", he said holding his drumsticks in both hands.

•Jacobs POV•

I wasn't to excited about switching schools but I guess I was. This school had a music program and I just knew the drums were going to call my name. My name is Jacob Ross and I'm 14. This year I'm joining every club that has something do with the drums. I love the drums😍. I walked downstairs with Aaron into the cafeteria hall. It showed the breakfast menu and I got pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, and orange juice and sat with Aaron, Peyton, Chloe and Riley. "Hey Jakey", Chloe said taking a piece of my bacon. "Don't call me that", I whined. I hate when they call me Jakey and they know it. "Did you guys get your schedule?", Aaron asked biting into his apple. "No, today's basically introduction so I guess we'll get it later", Peyton replied. A tall man who was fat and had a little bit of gray hair and hair around his cheek and a grey mustache, who was light skin and wearing a slightly dirty green apron with forks, knives, spoons and napkins in his pocket walked over to our table. "Don't like my eggs", he asked Chloe. "I never asked for eggs, Sir", Chloe said scanning his body to look for a name tag. "Rodger, they're good try them", he said handing her a fork. "I only eat egg whites", Chloe said biting a watermelon. "Whatever Ms.Healthy!", Rodger said putting Chloe's eggs on my plate. I looked up and started to speak "Shh... don't make her uncomfortable, you don't have to eat them", Rodger said giving all of us napkins. "Thanks Rodger", Riley said. "Mhmm", he nodded leaving back to the Kitchen area. We all just chuckled and I started beating the table with my drumsticks.


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