The Unexpected *Completed*

A group of friends take on the challenge to go to a new school, a boarding school in fact. People are leaving and no one knows why. The friends try to get people involved in this mystery but could things go back to normal? Or would everyone keep leaving until the school is empty. |I DO NOT OWN ANY PHOTOS|


19. Chapter 19

Thanks so much for reading my book! This journey has been amazing through all of the chapters I've had to delete and thank you so much for putting up with my writers block! It's going to take me a little while to put up my new book because I still have to get the cover taken care of and everything established but names and ideas comment them in the story and I will add them to my book! I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH AND THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!! MOST OFF ALL THANK GOD FOR GIVING US ALL THE STRENGTH TO GET THROUGH THIS TOGETHER! I LUVV YOU GUYS TO PIECES..MIGHT BE CHANGING MY USERNAME! SO BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR MY NEW BOOK❤️😘

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