The Unexpected *Completed*

Its called 'The Unexpected' why would you expect a description ? A group of teens join a boarding school until mysterious things start to happen . People start to go missing and the teens have to .... I hope you didn't expect the rest . -I do not own these pictures-


18. Chapter 18


•Jacobs POV•


I was getting real sleepy by the time Chloe and I got to our second room. I wanted to give up and go to my dorm room so I could sleep under my nice blanket and my comfy pillow but Chloe passed me a stick of gum, like that was going to do anything 😂. I thanked God I didn't pass out since I was so sleepy. I walked down the hall groggily and Chloe got on my back which made it even worse. A/N: Poor Jakey 😢


•Chloe's POV•


I was getting so tired of walking I ended up hopping on Jacobs back just so he could lead us to our dorms, and I could get ready to go to sleep. I wonder what Peyton was doing. Probably dazing off somewhere. I came back to my dorm seeing Aaron laying down on my bed so I crawled up there and pushed him down which woke him up and I could tell hurt him pretty bad.  I pretended not to see him and cover myself in my pink blanket but threw Aaron's pillow and blanket on top of him.


•Peyton's POV•


I checked the time it was 1:45 am I also forgot I had advanced lesson classes in the morning . 😩😩😩😩😩😩 I was so close....I feel like a detective with an unsolved case. But hey you know what people say "a detectives work never takes a day" A/N: No one says that 😂 I got up from where I was writing down notes of Rodgers conversation and looked around to see if anyone roamed the halls. I then walked down the hall into the girls locker room and there was a huge bang in the locker I slowly opened it and saw ...

A/N: Ha! Cliffhangers cause I love youu😍😊😘


•Peyton's POV•


I saw all of Taylors stuff out of her locker? Where the heck was she? "Taylor?", I yelled whispering. Then a door closed shut and I gasped that's creepy. Then I saw Hope !  "Peyton!", Hope jumped on me and smiled. I gasped and the smell of eggs, vinegar, salt and pepper came on me. "Hope?", I said looking at her. She had a chefs suit on with an orange badge. "Have you been here all this time?!", I yelled. "Shhhhh", said putting her hand over my mouth. "What are you doing ?!", I asked her. "Not allowed to tell any Witchsetter people", She said tucking her dark brown hair behind her ears. "Hope you need to tell me I am on a mission and without these facts I'm just gonna turn you in", I said crossing my arms. "Fine ...come here", she said dragging me behind the locker room into a random one.


•Hopes POV•


Time to get suspended😑. He said don't say a word about it but yet again Peyton's a tattle tale.


•Peyton's POV•


Hope led me off campus which was pretty scary because it was now 2:15 am and I still haven't gotten a blank of sleep. Across from the campus was a tall building no one saw because it was behind a tall fence. "Rodgers Culinary Boarding School", I read whispering. She took me inside behind a room that had a password code of 1951672541023 I wrote that down in my phone then followed her in. Behind her was a kitchen full of stoves fridges and people. On tables were plates filled with pancakes, eggs, bacon, and sausage with bowls of grits. "'s 2:20 in the morning why on earth are you guys over here preparing breakfast", I said. "Your new? Here grab your apron and go cook a dish of grits beside Jasmine", Harmani told me a boy from my gym class. I fought off the apron that he was trying to tie on me. "I'm not new I go to Witchsetter", I said. They all gasped "Wait your not supposed to be on Culinary premises what are you doing sound the alarm!", a random person who I saw around school but never knew his name said. "No ones sounding any alarm", Hope said. "Peyton wants to know what happened to us and if we don't tell her then she's turning us in", Hope added on. They all looked worried and took a seat in sync. Jasmine came out and spoke "Rodger started this culinary school to teach us how to cook we've been missing because if not Mr.Miguel Would fire Rodger they are brothers and Rodger is tired of living under his orders so he started his own school but turns out we cook for you guys. So Rodger has us all we cook for you guys and that's just how things are", she said. Then Rodger came and they all threw me in the oven which wasn't on. I was surprised I could fit but I was uncomfortable I decided to take   Manners into my own hands by opening the oven. "Peyton?", Rodger said. He looked at his class who was then standing there with there mouths dropped. "I told you guys not to cook them yet!", he said. "Rodger! I'm turning you in..I can't believe this", I said. He looked befuddled then tried to run but Jacob and Chloe came out of nowhere with principal Miguel. "Your walkie was still on Peyton good job" Mr.Miguel said. "Rodger your under arrest", he said looking at him dead in the eyes. Suddenly everyone gasped and I blanked out while he spoke about jealousy and sins. "Your one to talk... All we here from you is you need the money you need the money! How much money do you need Michael?",Rodger said before being interrupted. "I told you not to ever say that name again ", Rodger said. "Michael I told you I was leaving! But you constantly make me stay here and pay me nothing! Nada!", Rodger said. I stood there in shock then it hit me..where was Riley? I left out of no where and ran to the school to go find her there I saw her in the hallway sleeping. "Riley!", I said yelling. "Sorry Peyt I couldn't do the breaking in stuff!", she said looking all innocent and adorable. Come with me I said dragging her. We went back and the next thing we know Rodger and Mr.Miguel are in a police car.  My mom was also here and everyone else's parents. Well that was unexpected, I guess that's what I'll name this book the unexpected.


              The End









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