The Unexpected *Completed*

Its called 'The Unexpected' why would you expect a description ? A group of teens join a boarding school until mysterious things start to happen . People start to go missing and the teens have to .... I hope you didn't expect the rest . -I do not own these pictures-


14. Chapter 14

•Rodgers POV•

"Just 1 week of trying it out is all I'm asking you!"

*1 week later•

Original School Count:447

Now: 85

•Chloe's POV•

"Guys I'm sorry but we have to go on a midnight spying trip", I told them. I've been putting a lot of consideration into this. People went missing, parents were pulling them, if this continues, one of us could be gone. "I agree I've been putting some props together for the longest they just need your technology stuff", Peyton told me. "Aww man, I can't go", Aaron said pouting. "Why not?", Riley asked taking notes with the rhinestone pen. "I have a bed time unlike you losers", Aaron said slumping down in his chair. "Well what time?", I asked, probably shouldn't have done that though. "8:30 pm but if I'm good enough then I can raise it to 8:45 no longer than 8:50", Aaron said listing it like it was a chart. "Awee, do you have a nap time too?", Peyton asked messing up his hair. "Yes at 12:30 pm now leave me alone" , Aaron said fixing his hair again.

A/N: Happy New Year🎈🎊🎉 I'm late but oh well. My New Years resolution is to be more active and interactive.

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