The Unexpected *Completed*

A group of friends take on the challenge to go to a new school, a boarding school in fact. People are leaving and no one knows why. The friends try to get people involved in this mystery but could things go back to normal? Or would everyone keep leaving until the school is empty. |I DO NOT OWN ANY PHOTOS|


12. Chapter 12

•Peyton's POV•

I'm gonna crush Aaron's guts when I see him. Ugh I can't stand him! "Ok here's what were gonna plan out", I said putting a meeting together, I was ready for revenge I almost has a heart attack because of Aaron! I slipped a sparkly pen and notebook in my purse then rushed into Aaron and Jacobs dorm. They were playing Mortal Kombat X, so I snuck unto the top bunk, Aaron's bed then looked at his phone. This wasn't his main phone though, this was his iPhone 5c he has a 6s that he texts people with. I sat up on his bed yoga butterfly style and pulled out the sparkly notebook that was in my bag.

Case #1- Random Messages

•Aaron's main phone missing

"Aaron where's your main phone?", I asked scaring him. "Holy....Cow", Aaron said jumping up. Riley popped up flicking him on his ear and Chloe turned on her recorder that she made as a disguise. "What the heck is going on?", Jacob asked looking around. "Explain this!", Chloe showed the text messages to Jacob while I sat on top of Aaron's bed which is surprisingly comfy. Aaron dug deep into his pockets pulling out nothing but lint, and a bag if cashews. Riley raised and eyebrow and gave him another flick this time harder on the forehead. "Ouch, lay off would ya? Anyways, I don't even know where my main phone is last time I had it was before IHOP.", he asked moving away from Riley. I sat there observing Aaron for 10 minutes to see if he was lying but he was pretty serious, he had no clue where his main phone went. I scoffed then hopped down from his bed making a hard thud on the floor and making everyone jump. They stared at me for like 3 minutes until we all broke out into laughter.

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