The Unexpected *Completed*

Its called 'The Unexpected' why would you expect a description ? A group of teens join a boarding school until mysterious things start to happen . People start to go missing and the teens have to .... I hope you didn't expect the rest . -I do not own these pictures-


11. Chapter 10

•Riley's POV•

This book is really good! Can't wait until Thanksgiving Dinner tonight at Grand Hall in our school. "Your contacts link this number to OH MY GOSH", Chloe said gasping and throwing Peyton's phone that was now put together but caseless across the room. "CHLOE", Peyton said diving for her phone. "Sorry Peyt", Chloe gasped lucky it wasn't cracked or damaged. "Your lucky I have a screen protector on now who was it", She said picking her phone up. "So first I had to check to make sure it wasn't a system glitch or error, then I had to look up codes and track the unknown texter down but the address kept leading back here. So I finally did deep research back into your contacts and ", Chloe said getting interrupted  by Peyton. "Yeah, yeah speak English who was it?!", Peyton said anxiously. What the heck were they talking about. I knew I should've followed them to the restroom instead of staying on my phone. "It was Aaron!, Aaron was the unknown texter", Chloe yelled out. Ok what on earth is going on now?! "What's going on?", I asked looking up at them from my book. They told me the story and I can't believe they're just now telling me! "What you guys are just now telling me", I said. "Well Rile, you kinda take over a lot and catch an attitude when things don't go your way", Peyton told me. I knew it, this bad habit has been sticking with me since I was 4. "Sorry guys, I'll try to stop", I said putting my interesting book down. "It's ok Rile", Chloe said hugging me. I love  them like my sisters😊💕. 

•Jacobs POV•

While the girls rushed back to their dorm Aaron and I walked causally towards our dorm. "GTA or 2k", I asked putting two video games. "Ummm GTA", Aaron said hopping down from the top bunk where he put his phone on the charger. "Pass me a controller", Aaron said. I tossed him an army print controller then turned the TV on. "Wait GTA doesn't have multiplayer", I reminded him. "Oh yeah put in Mortal Kombat", he replied. We played several rounds of Mortal Kombat and of course Aaron cheated as usual.

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