The Unexpected *Completed*

Its called 'The Unexpected' why would you expect a description ? A group of teens join a boarding school until mysterious things start to happen . People start to go missing and the teens have to .... I hope you didn't expect the rest . -I do not own these pictures-


1. Chapter 1

~Riley's POV~


Talking to my friends and telling them I would see them on Christmas wasn't the saddest part , packing was. My name is Riley Stone, I'm 14 years old and this year I'm starting a new school a boarding school in fact. It was my first day going to Witchsetter High, I was pretty nervous and excited at the same time, the school looked pretty cool and decent. But were there people cool and decent? I wasn't alone though, I was going with some friends who I've known for almost all of my life Chloe, Peyton, Jacob and Aaron. I packed my bags which included winter clothes, fall clothes, and summer clothes. A/N: You know the weather can be bipolar. I had shoes in one suit case which was mostly Uggs or sneakers and lots of socks, another suit case kept my hygiene essentials razors, toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash, soap, lotion, you know. That's what made it sad, I was packing up all of these things and it made me feel like I was leaving home forever. I finished packing all of my suitcases which was 19 suitcases, plus the car was filled with  unimportant furniture my mom wanted me to bring to de-clutter the house and clutter my dorm. My dad and little brother Jax helped bring suitcases downstairs while mom tried not to let her mascara run and fought back her tears. "Mom don't make me cry", I said carrying my book bag and purse downstairs. She sniffled then chuckled trying to find the bright side of things. Jax put his arms out wanting me to pick him up, tears almost came to my eyes because  he hasn't done that since he was 4 (btw; he's 7). I picked Jax up and he rested his head on my back "I'll miss you", I said putting him down. "Ok, we have to get you settled and a good dorm so lets go", dad said after he shed a few tears. We drove towards the school and it felt like 8 hours but it was only 3, Jax sang the whole ride there and made up words to the song. A/N: I did this when I was little, never knew the words.



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