What is love?

Jenny Brides is 16 year old and has a nine year old brother named Jack. Their dad died and their mom works all the time. Jenny is bullied at school, and she cuts her self and thinks no one loves her, but what happens when a blond haired, blue eyes moves next door? Her life become's a little different.( if i accidentally copy'd someones story i am so sorry and i'll take it down)


3. ch=1

Nobodys POV

7th grade

Jenny was walking home from her school happy because it was Friday and her dad was coming home. When she get home she saw that her dads car was not there she walked to the front door open it and saw her mom holding her six year old brother Jack and crying she slowly walked in the room. She was in her room crying later that night her mom somewhere Jack siting and looking out the window and saying he's hungry and asking Jenny to make him food. The next day people stared making funny of Jenny and she stared cuting herself 

Thats how she stared thinking nobody loves her 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Im so sorry you guys had to wait well this is the first chapter hope you like it 



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