The move

Hi my name is charlotte Jane Harvey, my mum married a twit when I was two and I hate him. He got a job in LA and my life changed forever and it was hell. I dress like an emo act like a skater and hate lables I love rock music,band tshirts and my skateboard Kevin I named my board that don't judge


11. chapter 9

cj pov " do you want to go to my house and meet some of my friends not the one that I punched in the face." Jb asked me. "yesh and why did you punch that lad anyway?" I asked curiosity." He said you should take out all your piecings and dye your hair blonde I got offended cos your my best friend" he replied nervously" ok and you need to let me try Arizona cos I heard about it but never had it" I said." Ok jump on my back" he yelled." Can I get changed first?" I asked pointing at my out fit"no you may not you look fine as usual" he said " ok jeez" I replied and jumped on his back here call my friend Zack and tell him to get the rest of the guys around my place so they can meet you" he said in an exited way " ok.hey Zack I'm cj jb best friend from England je said get the rest of the guys and go to his place so you can meet the awsome youtuber he is friends with" " pk will do you sound hot" he said and he ennded the call before I could anser." We is here" jb said as he put me down. 5 minutes later 6 guys came round"peasants I am here!" A boy with purple hair screamed as he burst through the door.causing me to scream " shut up you peasant" jb started laughing his head off." I'm called Jason and you are now my best friend" he said " no this is my British best friend so no" jb playfully takled jason​." Hello purple hair" I said

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