The move

Hi my name is charlotte Jane Harvey, my mum married a twit when I was two and I hate him. He got a job in LA and my life changed forever and it was hell. I dress like an emo act like a skater and hate lables I love rock music,band tshirts and my skateboard Kevin I named my board that don't judge


8. chapter 6

recap * i got off the plane and i saw him. *present*. " JUSTIN!" I shouted as i ran towards him he picked me up and spun me around."i missed you too." He said as he put me down he grabbed my suitcase i grabbed my duffle bag and my back pack i grabbed my camera and started vlogging again " i am officially in LA look its Justin, and this the end of my LA journey series so stay weird and bye" i covered the lense with my hand and turn the camera off."charlotte Jane Justin is going to take you home and help you unpack his mums car should be outside and she's driving you so behave." "yes mother" i say in response I'm wearing the same clothes as yesterday so his mum notices im wearing JB s t shirts and she says " are you two dating because i swear that's justins shirt." "no where not going out,we where face timing and i said his shirts always look awesome so he sent his shirt to me because we don't have a vans shop in the UK." ​I replied "oh because Justin talked about you like your his girlfriend. He showed his friend one of your videos and his friend jack said you where hot and Justin punched him in the face." She said shocked. 'Mom really you had to tell her that really? " he said his face going red. " aww that's so sweet Justin I bet your friend I horrible human being because he judged me on what I look likethanks for punching him for me." I said to him as I put my head on his shoulder

​and he smiled his smile is cute

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